How do I go about claiming bankruptcy?

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    I filed for my own bankruptcy (Ch. 7) without an attorney and without paying the fees due to being impoverished. I received discharge 3 months later and all I did was have one 15 minute meeting with the Trustee.

    Consult an attorney if the process is too much for you.

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    Bankruptcy is a legal process. Find a qualified attorney that specializes in bankruptcy and get a free consultation. The laws have changed drastically and its not as easy as it used to be. These days you must qualify to file bankruptcy and then it's a ten year struggle after you are discharged to get a normal interest rate on home, car, etc. Once again, the key word next to attorney is qualified. Do not consider filing on your own or going with any online "we do bankruptcies" claims... especially if it is spelled wrong!!!

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    5 Tips For Getting An Attorney for your Bankruptcy

    With many people trying to live beyond their means combined with job instability has led to the increasing number of people declaring bankruptcy. As a result, a new legislation called the "Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act" has been enacted. Many people cannot pay off their debts and now have to face new laws for filing bankruptcies.

    For filing bankruptcy....

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    You have to hire a lawyer (or fill out the papers yourself; but it's not easy!). Look up "Bankruptcy" in the phone book, there should be dozens of lawyers ready to help you (for a fee).

    But consider that you will be a bad credit risk for a long, long time. If there is any other way, try to solve it without bankruptcy.

    See the link; it's for FYI on bankruptcy.

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    that is a bad choice in less you are like thousands and thousands of dollars in debt because you pay stuff off on your credit when you have extra money and get off but bankruptcy will stay on for like 7 to 10 years

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    Yes, you have to get an attorney. Pay them lots of money and they'll help you out. Shop around though as some charge WAY more than others and still do the same job.

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    get about a grand together

    find a rep lawyer (now this is a joke and a half)


    get ready for a certain major dept store to harrass the f#$% outta you

    don't go to one a them consumer credit couselling agencies- theyre a rip-off

    get ready to be surprised to get cc app's in the mail!

    look the hearing dude right in the eyes and yes sir no sir it'll NEVER happen again..

    yeah right.

    did it myself.

    have 3 cc 's now, and three more years to go

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    I am in Oregon and I knew someone who got help at Lewis and Clark College Legal Department

    Check your local schools

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    Contact a lawyer

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    u need to talk to a credit council person

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