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how do i deal??? im sure alot of u can relate to this.?

im really depresed. How do u get over your recent EX going out with another girl. I cry myself to sleep. i loved/love/ will always love him...and think about him...guys please..whats the cure? it hurtssss to much and hes not even completly out of my life yet..we still hang out and call sometimes. maybe i can get him back? but how? how can i make myself look real posh and make him chase me again?

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    stop talkin to him and move on. out of sight out of mind

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    First off, stop the bleeding: for your own good you've got make sure that he IS out of your life. Minimize the contact with him. Seeing him is just going to make it worse, and drive you crazy with jealously.

    Next, learn to appreciate the fine art of being single! You can go, say, do, think, be, eat whatever you want whenever you want. Enjoy your own company. Once you're happy and comfortable in your own skin, you'll meet someone new. Just give it some time.

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    I am sorry to say that you can't "make" him want to chase you. The best thing to do is get involved in some volunteer work and keep busy.

    Everyone has some pros and cons about them. Try writing his out on paper, honestly. Remember he isn't perfect. When you are older you will find someone that will be right for you. For now focus on your studies and helping others.

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    Dont chase him. People hate clingy people. If it is over well unfortunately it is over. Just make yourself look good for yourself and do other things for yourself. I buy myself something I really like when I am depressed or go out with your friends. Look damn good every time you go out the door and if you see each other by accident then maybe he will regret it.

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    you received't like my answer yet you could actual be direct, assertive and kind and enable them understand that you're sorry yet you at the on the spot are not attracted to interacting with them outdoors of the talk board. it type of feels uncomplicated that you'll be so dissatisfied at them once you admit that you've in ordinary words hinted at something. did you realize the way difficult it really is to %. up on tricks in typed words? i imagine you're at fault if those anybody continues to be contacting you. it can be not ordinary to say your self even with the undeniable fact that it may be a lot extra constructive than typing what sounds like an extremely snippy advise question.

  • I don't mean to be blunt, but you have to move on... The relationship clearly ended upon certain situations (known or unknown). What you need to do is go out shopping, buy yourself something really sexy, and go club-hopping.


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    You need to pull yourself together and cut off all contact with him. By calling him and hanging out with him you r only making things worse. You really need to get out with friends and spend time with your family. Try something new, somethings you always wanted to do for you and you only.

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    first of all, quit talking to him. That will help you get over him. Time will help. Make a list of all that he did to hurt you, or his bad habits, etc so get a more realistic picture of him. Good luck, you will heal and find true love!!

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    Dont do this to yourself! Get up clean up and go have some fun act like you dont have enough time for him and if he still likes you he will be trying to catch up to you.Who knows you may not want him back.You are better than that ,you will heal!Trust me!

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    unless he really loves u a lot.. then he might return otherwise do not pin ur hopes too high. If he can do it to u once, even if he returns he can do it again.. so think carefully ya..

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    You need to let go and move on...obviously he has. Keep in mind the reasons he became an "ex"

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