Is there anyway to atone for a spell cast onto a deceased family member?

From my readings, voodoo is a sacred religion but history of voodoo in my family has been a negative one. My mothers father and two of my mothers sisters have been committed to psych hospital. My grandfather and oldest aunt have died there. The other aunt is still there. For a long time we thought that the demensia that haunted my family was genetic. Until recently we learned a woman that my grandfather was seeing while married to my grandmother had given him a rubber ball that he always kept in his back pocket. My great-grandmother asked him about the ball one night while his young daughters were with him. He confessed the woman gave it to him. My great-grandmother took the ball from him and cut it open. Inside was some type of liquid that splashed onto him and my two aunts who later in life were commited. In my readings I have learned voodoo is not to be used to hurt someone or for selfish gain. Has anyone ever heard of this type of binding to a lover?

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    You know the rule, and I want you to stop lying to yourself and blaming yourself for things that have happen before you were born.. Your grandfather should have never destroyed that item. He should have given it back to her or buried with her if she had died. you know all about the poisons out there that can kill and maimed. those people that have answered your question has not the slightest knowledge about Voodoo other then what they read in book or see in the movies. Also it was not a binding spell but it was a protection spell that he was given. And the shape of the object should have told you that By the lack of sharp edges, I want you to think in that perspective ok. That is why you are having so much problems finding a answer. All you have to do is create another protection spell and all your family problems will fade. Take care and be very careful and watch out for the false ones....................

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    the residing house, if owned by using the deceased, varieties part of the valuables and can be bought so as that the guy's will could be dealt with. The products interior the residing house could be moved out or the residing house can't be bought. If rented the owner will pick it cleared so as that it particularly is re-enable. all the possessions would be intently regarded by using (in maximum situations) and the close family members (who're regularly the beneficiaries of those products) will discard or sell products no longer wanted by using or no longer left to every physique especially. Any particular merchandise suggested in a will could be stumbled on, financial business enterprise money owed closed, costs paid etc. and it somewhat is not any longer an elementary activity. removing the products that no one needs or has room for is regularly the 1st ingredient carried out to make a clean thank you to deal with different issues. it particularly is an unpleasant activity for every physique who must be in touch and that's made worse if there's a sequence time-scale (as there will be if the residing house became rented). some issues might desire to be carried out somewhat ruthlessly; in spite of the shown fact that this would possibly not be what the persons in touch easily pick to do. i will understand why you experience as you do in case you have on no account easily to be in touch in this. it particularly is an extremely unsightly time in one's existence - we've lost a chum and now might desire to section with many stuff that have been conventional in our lives yet - except the family members is amazingly great and products can somewhat be shared around - many stuff do basically might desire to circulate.

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    I don't know the particulars of the practice of voodoo but what I do know is that is a satanic practice and opens doorways for demonic possession. When people send hexes they are invoking demonic spirits to bring harm upon someone else. Your relatives that went crazy were more than likely under demonic influence (the dementia) and that's why they had to be committed. Such demonic influence can be passed down to generations and can affect decedents in a very negative way. There's an interesting book about this subject written by MD Rebecca Brown. It's called "He came to set the captive free" it talks a lot about this sort of thing. You might want to check it out.

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    I do think that people that are greatly involed in this practice and raised are more mentally unsatable and believe in voodo more than their own life. To a state that you can go insane, becuase the believe of it is so great. I have heard alot of stories, but known have shown fact about it. So good luck on this and take care.

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    The only way I have found to get out from under curses is to become Christian. Its the only way that was worked for me after years of 'mishaps'.

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    Voodoo (like any other religion) requires you to have faith in it...this is necessary for your mind to make it "real"...

    So, simply don't believe it.

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    Tell them their and ignorant fool that you believe in reality, not fairy tales for grownups!

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    hmmm, I've never heard of this. But that doesn't mean it can't exist.

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