my son is 12 onths old and does not want to drink milk what should i do?

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    Give formula instead, or even better breastfeed if you can. Here's some interesting information for you to consider. It's really made me think.

    Whatever you do, don't put chocolate or other flavors in it. You'll end up with an overweight adult with diabetes and heart disease. They are learning their eating happits at this age.

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    My daughter is breastfed so I was scared the same thing would happen. I put milk in a sippy cup everyday for breakfast. At first she spit it out but after a week or so she did much better, I gradually increased milk to 3 times a day. Now she drinks about 10-12 ounces a day (still nursed twice a day). Patience is a virtue. Keep trying. Maybe try warming it up, serving it at room temperature or serving it in a different type of cup. Good luck. Make sure you are feeding whole milk. Babies need to fat for brain development. .

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    My daughter didn't want to drink milk when she turned a year either.

    My solution: Chocolate Milk.

    I really had a hard time at first giving the chocolate milk, but I figured chocolate milk was better than no milk at all. I used Nesquik which is supposed to be better than using regular syrup. I told her pedi about it and the pedi agreed with me so we've stuck with it.

    She's 2 and still prefers chocolate milk. Once in a while she will take a sip or two of regular milk.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. Keep offering it to him, but don't be concerned if it takes a while. One day he might just decide he likes it. Sometimes it takes some kids longer to get used to drinking milk. I KNOW the books say that all one year olds are supposed to drink milk. But it won't hurt him if he doesn't do it right away.

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    Talk to your pediatrian about the issue and see his ideas.

    Many little ones do not milk, at least cow's milk. Try goat's milk or soy milk or powdered formulas.

    You can always sneak milk powder in his juice if doctor agrees.

    The best advise is ask your son's doctor for help. He/she has been there many times before and knows the answers.

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    My son didn't like it at first either. I gave him vanilla soy milk, and he loved it. Over time, I gradually added a little more cows milk into his soy milk, and within a couple weeks he was drinking cows milk with no problem. Now he drinks about 4 cups a day.

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    I am a nutritionist

    if your child dosn't want to drink milk, give him water... as long as your not replacing it with the useless calories in juice and he is eating healthy it isn't an issue

    humans (even children) do not need to drink the milk of cows to be healthy

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    To ease the adjustment u can try adding a little strawberry or chocolate syrup. Use as little as possible b/c it does have calories, sugar, & the less u use the easier it'll be 2 phase it out it w/o him noticing. Good Luck!

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    I would try to give him choclate milk or strawberry milk. Also there are a lot of other items were he can get his calcium from. My two year old cousin won't eat any meat that is not chicken. So, whatever meat we give her we just say its chicken and she will eat it. Maybe you can just tell him it is actually whatever he is asking for.

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    It's probably a phase. Put formula (if he's just getting off it) into his cereal and other foods, he'll get the nutrition and will get used to the milk soon enough. Don't worry about it.

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