I wanna get rid of my car?

My husband and I own a 2005 Nissan Sentra & paid around $15,200 for it. Turns out we got screwed by the dealership and now we need to get rid of it. The thing is, we are still working on the down payment, Would any dealership, other than the one we bought it from or just a regular person want to buy it? We're offering $12,500 for it and someone would need to take up the payments or get it re-financed.

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    If you bought it from a Nissan dealership, you first need to report it to Nissan:

    Nissan Consumer Affairs

    P.O. Box 685003

    Franklin TN 37068-5003

    (800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)

    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time

    Monday through Friday

    Second, some dealerships like Carmax will buy your car whether you buy from them or not. According to their website, they have locations in 22 states, so they may be an option for you. Visit: http://www.carmax.com/

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    You are so upside down on that car! I can'y see anyone paying that for a used Nissan Sentra! I looked at new 2006's and the loaded ones were only going for 12,900.

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    Did you get screwed meaning there is something wrong with the car? if so you could sue the dealership under the lemon law.

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