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How do I sharpen my eyeliner correctly?

When I use the sharpener that I bought for eye pencils, the tip breaks off.

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    Put the eyeliner in the freezer for about 30 min and the sharpen it gently. Freezing the pencil will help it become hard and less likely to break.

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    Try putting the pencils in the fridge over night. Sometimes when it gets hot the pencils melt inside and won't sharpen, they just break off. Other times it could be that the pencil is old and starting to deteriorate. Like mascara pencils are only good for about 3-4 months.

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    You should try investing in a more expesive sharpener. Maybe $5-10 is good. I had one and it was the best. Make sure to take care of your pencils. Try not to drop them or allow them to slam into stuff. This causes the pencil on the inside to break and crack causing it to brake off when you sharpen it. Take care of your things and they will last longer! Good luck

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    If you buy the kind that needs sharpening, sharpen it very gently and not too much, or it will just keep breaking off. Your best bet is to buy the kind that comes in a plastic container and doesnt need to be sharpened - it costs a little more, but it;s better quality and it will last much longer.

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    You may have to try several types or models of handheld sharpeners before you find one that will work for you. Remember not to make the point too sharp, or its guaranteed to break. But you can find sharpeners all over, particularly now with back to school, and their inexpensive.

    Yes, I also do theatrical make up. That's how I would know.

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    Most importantly... Hold it straight. Not at an angle. When the sharpen gets uneven that is when you hold it at an angle. Wet it as well if it is a pencil. It breaks off because you are pressing too hard. And/or your pencil is of cheap quality.

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    Try putting your eyeliner in the freezer for awhile or put it over a flame for a minute. The freezer thing would help the lead not "melt" while you sharpen, and the flame thing would soften the lead, so it wouldn't be so brittle, try both and see which one works. It usually depends on the pencil itself.

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    I think I had the same problem..you have to do it very gently..otherwise it will break off. But i would suggest the next time you get eye liner to get roll up crayon, I had that and wow! its really great! also, you NEVER need to sharpen it, which makes it alot eaiser. It last long too!

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    maybe the blade isn't sharp enough-? or perhaps you are pressing the pencil too hard into the sharpener. i only have to lay my pencil into the hole & give it one turn to get a nice sharp point.

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    sharpen the pencil slowly that use to happen to me until I start using it gently.

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