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Can anyone help me with my make-up?

I am fourteen years old and I just started to wear makeup.I'm almost clueless and need help. What would go with my facial features? I have a medium skin tone, big blue eyes. My hair goes down to my shoulders and I am a brunette. I also have almost no lips. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

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    is your skin tone more of an olive if so try going with greens and blues and if you want a sultry look a dark shimmer or smokey eye. if you have more of a beige and bronzy tone try reds pinks golds and purples. keep it light. and since your just starting. dont go overboard. you'll end up looking like a clown. for your lips. to make your lips appear fully try using a lip liner the same color as the gloass or stick. apply around the brim of the lip to give it that extra umph and then to keep your color lasting longer try coloring the lip liner in on the whole lip and then apply the gloss or lipstick on top. also if you want a more neutral look and dont want to go tottttally crazy how about some nude colors such as beiges and browns a brown eye liner can work wonders and for your blue eyes how about a cool gray or charcol? try using a black mascara if your going with the more browns and nude but if you still want some more color and like the grays try a blue (navy) mascara! good luck!

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    Eyeliner: Dark Brown [smudge a little for naturaller look]

    Eyeshadow: Bronze or Brown [only apply up to the crease or you'll look like you have a black eye]

    Highlight(eyes): apply a light gold eyeshadow right under your brows and around your tearduct area [opens up eyes]

    Blush: Dusty Rose, sweep undercheekbones

    Lipgloss: I suggest you use a shiny lip balm first to keep the lipgloss from sticking, then apply the MOST lipgloss in the center of your lips and spread it a little towards the rest of the lips. [make lips look bigger] I suggest you use a berry tone lipgloss or tinted lipbalm.

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    you should get your makeup done profesionally first and see how they do it and they can help you do it too and then you can go home and try it yourself but i shop at sephora its basically the best place ever try and they help you with everythinggg if u go there you can even try the makeup on to see how it looks on you. you said u have no lips try lip venom it enhances your lips but it goes on like lipgloss except it stings so yea i don't know if you want that and for your eyes try like a brown eyeliner and pink eyeshadow or pink with brown or something anything looks good have funn

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    i would like to help...but i have noticed many young girls asking about makeup...i am not sure if we here should give you answers...only because i would hate for someone to introduce my daughter to makeup...if I as her mother didn't allow it to begin with...If you are able to wear it...wouldn't it be wise to ask your mom how to put it a mother tat would be a part of enjoying my daughter growing up. If I was unsure how to do it myself...i would take you to the some people suggested. Why don't you try would be more fun...and something you can share with your mom....

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    Ask your Mom to take you to a store like Macy's, Foley's, Nordstrom's...go to the MAC counter, and the professionals there will give you lots of tips and pamper you for free :-)

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    Large department stores have loads of make up specialists. Just remember that their job is to sell make up. Particularly at your age the idea is to enhance, not tape, spackle and plaster.

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    go to ur local mall and into the biggest department store the ladies at the makeup counter will be able to help u out..or find ur local mary kay dealer

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    the cheapest way is to go to a beauty school they have instructors that watch them very closely.or go into macys or filenes they do make-up when you act interested in buying and they are pro make-up artists

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    well you can ware eye liner like a gray because you eyes are blue....if you need coverup go with your skin color good luck

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