During a total solar eclipse, your view of the sun is almost exactly replaced by your view of the Moon.....?

Assuming that the distance from you to the sun is about 400 times the distance from you to the Moon,

a)find the ratio of the sun's diameter to the Moon's diameter.

b) What is the ratio of the sun's volume to the moon's volume?

c)Position a small coin in your view so that it just eclipses the full moon, and measue the angle it subtends at the eye. From this and the Earth- Moon distance(= 3.8*10^5 km), find the moo's diameter.

Please explane your answer and not just show it , I would really like to learn how to do it just not have the answers. Thank you.

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    Hi. The angle is about half a degree in all cases (coin, moon, sun). This sun actually IS about 400 times the moon's diameter and is also by happy circumstance about 400 times the distance. The word problem you have is a) 400 times the distance is 400 times the diameter, b) you have to calculate volume based on diameter (hint: it's not 400), and c) given the distance and the angle you can calculate the moon's diameter. You'll have to do this yourself. (Trig problem). If you get ambitious you can calculate the sun's volume with the info you have. Not bad for using a dime, eh?

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    Sorry to disappoint you notwithstanding that's form of by danger, with very lengthy odds on the possibility scale (except you've faith in creationism by using god, which i do not and which has even longer odds) and it truly is what makes it so staggering once you have ever considered one. you'll in no way ignore the adventure. notwithstanding the Moon does not continually pretty a lot completely more beneficial healthful over the solar. Many eclipses (not such as partial ones) are in reality referred to as "annular", the position the Moon does not cover the completed discof the solar, and the solar shows itsef as a (very) brilliant circle (annulus) aroubd the Moon, climate allowing for sure. maximum human beings would not word any important dimming of the mild except they appeared on the solar (which isn't suggested lower than any circumstances). that's because the Moon's orbit isn't round, that's elliptical and its' distance from Earth changes beween 356,400kn and 406,700km between its farthest aspect and its nearest. there's a finished eclipse in factors of China next 365 days on a million August 2008, bypass see this danger occultation in case you get the prospect. As regards area 2 of your question the clinical evidence obtained from the Appollo missions fairly, and others, help the idea that the Moon changed into cleaved out of the Earth in a gigantic colision with a Mars sized planetisimal about 5 billion years in the past in the course of the picture voltaic structures formation. computing device simulations at astronomical study units instruct that this explains the dimensions of the Moon and its distance and orbit and geological composition which all more beneficial healthful the data more beneficial healthful very appropriately. I actual have considered not something to signify something diverse that's now an known theory defined in faculties. As for its structure, all great gadgets alongside with plantets and oftentimes stars too, clearly variety right into a sphere in area by their own inner gravitational attraction, except their rotation is quick adequate to ditort the shape into an oblate sphere. it truly is the case of the large gasoline planets Jupiter and Saturn operating example, or very great intense intense-rotation stars. Our own solar isn't very noticably flatter at its poles, notwithstanding that's - a litlle. some very uncommon ones in the galaxy do resemble cigar shapes fairly than round so some very weird and wonderful eclipses must be considered there!. desire that solutions your question.

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    Dude, that sounds really hard. I mean you must be in the Advanced Physics to be doing those calculations. I thought I was good at Physics but I think your question is really hard.

    Good Luck

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