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How do I store info on my new zip drive?

Fits into usb port no directions.

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    I assume that you mean a flash drive vs a zip drive. Flash drives usually install the software required to us them, upon initial pug in.

    They then can be used just like a standard hard drive. Drag and drop, copy paste, or save to the drive as you normaly would. Point of interest, you can set up the flash drive to autorun a program as soon as it is inserted. Also there a several programs made to run from flash drives and it makes it very handy to have the program and data on the drive so that when you need it, it is usuable on any available computer.

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    Just send the data to the drive the USB zip drive is plugged into.

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    wow i didn't know anyone made zip drives anymore. there was probably an install cd that came with it. make sure you run that before you plug in the drive. once you've done that plug in the drive and it should show up as another drive on your computer. like e: or f: or something like that, when you go into 'my computer'.

    when you want to save a file just go to 'save as' and save it to wherever that drive is.

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    plug it into your computer, then when you go to file and save as, find the option at the top on the drop down arrow that relates to your zip drive. mine is E: sometimes they are F: or G: but pick which one it is then save like normal

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    Once properly installed it should show up as an additional drive. You just use it like any other drive. If it doesn't auto-install you might have to go to the manufacturer's website for drivers.

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    Just use it same way as if you would use a floppy disk

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