what kind of insoles should i wear with 4 inch heel sandals?

i just bought this really cute pair of sandals with 4 inch heels, but i can't wear them for long because there's not much built-in support. i was looking on Dr. Scholl's website and was wondering what kind of insoles would you recommend? or you can recommend another brand. it just has to be within $20, reusable, and can be worn with any kind of shoes, not just sandals.

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  • Trid
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    1 decade ago
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    Aside from the little half-sole squishy pad for the ball of your foot, I think you're out of luck. In a sandal, there's nothing there to hide the insole and it won't take much to have it dangling off the side and looking tacky. Besides, if you want support, get an oxford or boots...sandals are for showing off the feet. You can't show off with material in the way and material is what gives support.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you're looking for comfort, wear a different shoe.

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