Is it truly posilble 4 some one (the father) any one not to Love there child??

serious q?? IS IT??



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    Of course, It is due to the father loving himself more...selfishness, and avoidance, immaturity to dealing with the responsibilities that a child brings. Case in point my ex-husband!

    Not to worry, my child now has a real daddy, the only one he has ever known since he was almost 3. I have been blessed:D And I thank God that he was too young to ever remember the hurt and hardness that we went through due to his birth father actions.

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    It is, especially when the child is a newborn.... Many men do not start getting emotionally attached until after a couple of months., that the baby is smiling and doing some sort of gestures which they can enjoy as a parent. A mother is different because she bonds with her child from the minute that she is pregnant and especially when her baby starts moving and she feels the baby kicking inside and therefore making it easy for the mother to fall in love with this baby the minute that he/she is born... On the other hand a father does not share any of these emotions and simply sees this little tiny person, which all it does it cry and sleep (at least for the first two months - - after two months the baby will start being more alert and smiling more, etc. - - I do not know your situation, but if the father is acting this way, give him space and enjoy your child, the time he misses out on that child's life is his lost... Make sure to give lots of love to your baby, I have always said one thing, A MOTHER IS ONLY ONE!!! A FATHER, anyone could one..... Do not allow for him to take any joy from being a mother, if he becomes a burden to you, then you let him go and make it without him!!! good luck... Some mothers many go through this, especially if they are young ones and are not financially stable to support and/or provide for this child, as then the child will become a burden to them instead of joy...

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    If a person went to day care before age one, that person has real trouble bonding with others.

    If a person was often physically punished, that person will have real trouble bonding with others.

    If a person didn't want the child, and isn't around the child, that person will have real trouble bonding with the child.

    On the other hand, many fathers don't feel as attached to the baby as mommy, but there's usually a ferocious pride and a desire to protect. When a man was treated badly as a child, or ridiculed for loving mommy's attention and therefore ridiculed for expressing and feeling love, those natural feelings can be quashed.

    It's very sad. Don't repeat the patterns.

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    1 decade ago

    Of course it is. For many reasons a person is not capable or simply chooses not to love their child. I personally could never fathom a reason that would be good enough for me. Some men who are not ready for fatherhood choose not to love or be an active part in a child's life. ...they simply sign their rights over. Some men out of immaturity or the lack of father figure in their own life do not know how to love a child or be a responsible active parent. Some men who dislike the mother of their child choose to punish the child to get back at the mother. Then their are men who simply walk away their child support and never breath their same air space as their own flesh 'n blood. Their are many reasons. But how can a man not love their own child? For this says a lot about the character of the man.

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    The problem though, with the tricking the father by letting yourself get pregnant and the father not wanting the baby... keep your panties up.. I know it's not easy to do, but, under those circumstances, try to be more discerning, but, in the same way mothers murder their own children, how could we expect some fathers to be 100% guaranteed to love their children?

    Any male can be a father, real men are dads..

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    I do not understand what you mean. but yes it is possible for the father not to love they child. I have a son whom a father never see, he say he wasn't ready for a babe and he doesn' t want that child. I love my son so deeply and I cannot make him to love my son if he doesn't want him. the truth is man love sex and hate the responsibilty come with sex. Well the truth is when such a man like my ex Bf who do not want to a son because of child support they are very wrong. you can be afather to that child , love hima nd cundle him. I love my son and if you have a child whom afather do not like, do not worry wait untill your son become somebody and you will be proud off. Your ex and so called the father will be behind the wal say that is my son. Well he was your son but now he is not. just stay behind and let my son be mine.

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    Sounds weird but it is possible. Some people aren't suitable for parenthood or they aren't mentally all there. My father is mentally unstable and abused me throughout my childhood. Sometimes its just better not to have them around if they don't REALLY want to be in the child's life. Otherwise, you might have a child that will have years of recovery to do. (like I did)

  • Violet
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    Sadly, it seems very possible with all the stories we here about parents abusing and neglecting their children. Most of the time i believe it's caused by a mental disorder. There has to be something wrong with the people who go against nature like that. It's not human not to love and nurture your children.

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    i dont know whether you could say "absolutely doesnt love the child" but alot of women have children without discussing it first with the father and seeing if this is what he wants, so then he feels trapped by the women, so his discust with the women that trapped him comes across as no love for his child........

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it is easier for men to not love them, some men (not very mature men) have an odd reaction when they watch the birth, they find it repulsive, and they resent the baby for "destroying " their life. It is a mental issue taht they should seek help for. it isnt normal, but it does happen, alot

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