what words tells what the subject does?

Please help im tried and want to get my homework done so i can go to sleep not even my parents know

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    A sentence has two parts: a subject part which contains the simple subject, and the predicate part which contains the verb.

    Example: John threw the ball to his sister.

    Subject part: John. Simple subject: John

    Predicate part: threw the ball to his sister. Verb threw.

    It is an action verb in a sentence that tells what the subject does. Thus, threw (verb) tells you what John (subject) did.

    I hope this helps.


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    The verb--the action word. It can also be part of a helping verb like is, are, was, were.

    For instance: Nancy plays the violin in her school band. Plays is the action--tells what Nancy does.

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    i believe it's the verb-


    John drove to the movies.

    the subject is John and what he did was drove, to the movies is the prepositional phrase.

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    the verb, the action word.

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