rules of paint ball and a gun under 400$ thats good unless u can rent 1?

ok i want to start playing paint ball im really tough so it shouldent be a problum.... it cant hurt anymore than a softball coming and hittin u at 60 mph... well i play softball and wanna do more sports.... i need the rules and can u rent a gun?? just to see if i even like the sport.... do u have to bring people to play with or do randome ppl just come and make teams?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well sorry to tell you this hun but paintballs go alot faster than 60mph the rules vary with the field you play on...go to the local field and ask them for their rules. and at most places, you can rent a gun for a small fee. sometimes it is better to bring some people so that you definitely have someone to play with but usually paintballers are pretty friendly and will let you join them if you need to

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    1 decade ago

    well I'm an paint ball pro me and all my friends go on Sundays during the winter... ya u can rent an gun and mask at the field but wear 2 layers of clothes cus u think it may not hurt but they leave purple welts and o ya most guns are automatic so u might get hit with about 20 shots and there made from hard plastic that they us to make dolls out of and ya when u get there all the people there just team up randomly... o yes and an good cheap gun would be an spider my first gun was an spider... if u need to know enghy thing eals just email me at ok.

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    1 decade ago

    a good cheap gun is the ion, because you can mod them later, but they are a good beginer gun

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