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Am i mezzo soprano or contralto?

Can u help me?? i need to know if i am mezzo or contralto, if you wanna hear me, my email is, thank u!


.... If you don't know what is a mezzosoprano or a contralto, please, don't answer this question... don't waste ur time-..and don't try to take points with a stupid answer.

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    That depends on your range. If you sing in a choir, and you normally sing Soprano 2, you're a mezzo. If you sing Alto 2, you're a contralto. Basically, if your voice is in the middle of a normal woman's range, then you're a mezzo. If your voice is really low, you're a contralto. Think of a contralto as a female bass.

    If you're still unsure, ask a voice teacher or chorus director. They'll be able to help you figure it out.

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    Which do you want to be. Decide and go for it.

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