who really is kyle xy?

k... if you watched the last three episode of kyle xy.... can you tell me what happened with good details because i missed them.... and do you know another day or time they are going to show that episodes agian?

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    Just click on the episodes you missed and theres a synopsis. Also there are message boards to discuss the episodes.

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    I can explain the finale.Tom Foss got Two people to play Kyle's parents and take him to Adam Baylin.Tom Foss captured Kyle and took him to the woods to tell him to go with the fake parents.But some how Mada Corp Found out and shot at them.After getting away,Kyle asked Why he couldn't remember anything before Pro. Kern tryed to kill him and Tom killed Pro. Kern.( Oh and during the fight they said that Adam had given up the rights to Kyle ).Tom answered that Kyle did not exist before that night.He must have also told him that the Tragers might get hurt if Kyle stayed any longer.So after coming back Kyle pretended to remember the fake parents.Tom hired parents because Mada Corp had been getting to close to Kyle and because he wanted Kyle to have more answers. Ok now about Adam Baylin.He was that guy in the church .And he looks just like kyle would if he were forty something.Not much else is know about him.Oh and at the end of the show the thing in the pink box was XX another thing like Kyle XY ( that could lead to a awesome clone battle! ). One last thing, Kyle left Declan clues to the fact that Kyle had lied about his parents. THE END

    I was so excited about the season finale I actually bought Sour Patch kids! I hoped I helped you :)

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    i missed it too, but i love kyle xy, isn't he cool!!!!!!

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    sorry no

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