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What year is it in Napolean Dynamite?

It looks like the 80s but then the brother is doing online chat so I am confused.

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    I actually believe that's actual time, but you know some small towns are really far behind, It's really hard to believe that's the same America we are living in.

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    Good question. I am not sure either. I mean, with online chatting, but also when Uncle Rico wants to build a time machine back to the 80s? or something like that? Don't really know but I am curious now!

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    Well Uncle Rico graduated in 1982 from HS so depending on how old he is... I am guessing like 10 years past that? or possibly it is just supposed to be now and it is like a little town were it takes them forever to get up to date with the times. Then again his brother is 32 it said, so is the uncle older than him? If so... how much older? Would we say like 7 years older? Cause then that would make it 2004. So.. yeah... does that help?

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    "On the other hand, the hydraulically equipped Pontiac in which Napoleon gets a lift to the dance - and the music playing therein - are phenomena roughly contemporary to the film's 2004 release. Finally, Napoleon's school ID card, as shown in the opening credits, clearly reads "2004/2005," unambiguously setting the movie in the present-day, despite the film's abundance of clues implying otherwise."

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    Its the year 1972-1994

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    I wondered the same thing

    I think it's modern times...but for some reason everyone looks like 80's

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    The guy that was talking about the HS ID card was right..... it set in modern times, but all the music and stuff implies otherwise. Go figure. Music was good though....

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    In Idaho its always 1983

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    thats what is so funny about the movie

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