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there's this guy i met?

who lives out-of-state we've been talking now for a month. were starting to really like eachother, what should i do about a long distance relationship. he's also in middle of a divorce. HELP!!!!

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    First, stay clear until the divorce is final. Trust me, it will get messy toward the end.

    Secondly, you have to decide it the relationship is strong enough to wait for the divorce and to handle the distance.

    Third, somebody will eventually have to move. Is that what you really want?

    Just a thought!

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    keep on talking on the phone/online and do not interfere with him until divorce is final...he may find you as an excuse to bounce from his troubles...and he may not even be going through a real divorce...either way- step back until all is clear...

  • Honestly hun..

    I would at least wait until he is out of the divorce for sure.. those are waters you dont wanna test!

  • stay out of it.....until the end of the divorce

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    let him work out his prblems first then juss c what happenes,: ) GOOD LUK : ) !!

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    You could dump him for me!!!

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