I am first time home owner. Right now I just find out that my roof is damage!?

The roof is not good at all and I dont have no money to repair it.

Any suggestion!!!!!!

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    If you just bought the house, it should have been caught on inspection for the loan. Call the bank you got the mortgage from, the previous owner should be responsible for this. Usually you cannot get a mortgage if the house is in need of repairs.

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    If you have a flat roof (you live in a no snow zone) you got trouble. If you have a pitched roof (you live where it snows) then 95% of roof leaks are caused by damaged flashing around the chimney. If you have access to your attic, go up in, especially in the rain. See where it leaks. Either way, send a brave soul up to your roof/chimney with a can of roofing-patch-tar, $20, and have them seal around the chimney. Good luck with this. Have you found another job? or sold your car? When it rains, it pours, literally. Did you have your home inspected? I am curious about that, (because I'm becoming an inspector) you can click on Kramer to answer that, if you care to.

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    If it is leaking buy a large tarp and tarp over it, or you could go in the attic and locate each leak area and then carefully climb on the roof and black jack it. black jack is a roof caulking it comes in caulk tubes at the hardware store you would just fill any leaky seems. All in all your going to need a new roof. As long as your plywood isnt damaged yuo should be able to get a tearoff and re-roof for $40 a square(10ftx10ft area) when pricing shingles its 3 bundles per square Good luck and stay dry

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    You have to repair the roof with your money. Take a loan out or something and pay it back. You got screwed, get a home inspection next time you buy.

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    if you live in the united states. homes come with a 1 year home oweners insurance. you just pay y09ur deductable and the insurance company will take care of the rest.but HOI only last 1 year. the HOI can be your normal insurance agent but not always. so check your paper work first.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your homeowners insurance might cover it, depending on what the problem is, or if this is a very recent purchase you might be able to hold whoever did the home inspection liable if they didn't notice the damage.

    Good luck.

    & welcome to home ownership! (it's all worth it in the end, I promise!)

  • steve
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    Did you buy the house recently? Talk to your agent and also look into your homeowner insurance.

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    can you get the equity line of credit from the banks?

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