Destiny or Coincidence? (stalker crush or idiot two?)?

This is wut i askd last time There is this guy and he started staring at me alot lately and when i turned and lokked at him he just kept staring ?????????? wuts goin on does he like me or wut? I see him alot more around me but i've never talkd to himhes not a dork either hes considerd "cool" wuts wrong wit him????????????????????????

Now he tried out fo football and made the team he's Jersey # is my favorite # i'm to nervous to talk to him and now i know his name it's Eddie wut should I do??????


oh and i do like him on a scale of 1 to 10 hes a 7.5

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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe he's shy and is just trying to get you to notice that he's interested in you. Next time you see him say hello and see what his reaction is. If he does get any stranger after you talk to him, maybe tell a parent or school councillor. Good luck!

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    Don't always assume he's stalking u, maybe he likes u and is a little shame about saying anything. So why don't u talk to him 1st, say to him n a playful way " Hi there, I notice u keep staring at me, do I have something in my nose"

    That way u can break the ice with him and he will not feel so bad or bashful( if thats the case)

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    there is not any such ingredient as accident, each and every thing occurs for a reason. Ever thought approximately texting or calling somebody stunning as they hit you up? you're on some ability point with one yet another, that technological know-how does not degree. accident, nah. destiny/destiny..... we are predetermined to make the ideas we will yet they are nonetheless continuously thoroughly on your administration for the reason which you haven't any longer made them yet.

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    well if you are in school still then that means that he can't be old enough to be a 45 year old creep, but i say to talk to him, but keep in mind not to trust him 100%. but keep it near the back of your mind, and don't let him now that u are still a little freaked out by him, and mabe after u guys get to know eachother better, then ask him why he would stare all the time.

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    I don't know if this helps but I had a crush on this guy and before he found out he stared at me constantly but about that jersey number at my school your assigned numbers I don't know about yours though I'm pretty sure it's just a innocent crush

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    Well if he's stalking you, you probably don't want anything to do with him. However, if you like him, talk to him. Maybe he's just really shy.

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    don't do anything until you get hurt of course... he's prolly into you...

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    1 decade ago

    dont talk to him?

    two points! YES!!!!!!!

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