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Does anyone know approx. how much an average P. I. charges?

Sometimes I have wondered if my husband had me followed. If it were too expensive he might not do it but, if not... Oh, probably not but... Just a feeling.

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    You should always trust your feeling they're often trying to tell you something you maybe picking up on an instinctual level. Get out your local phone book go to the section for private investigators. Call they'll quote you a fee over the phone. Your question will only partially be answered. Then you have to answer WHY? Would your husband have you followed???? Just a suggestion...get him in a nice comfortable position tell him with a serious, concerned look on your face that you're worried you think some one may be following you. Be prepared for his response...stay calm DO NOT suggest "he" is having you followed merely say you've noticed a certain car... with a man driver... who knows maybe some nut case is following you and if that's the case wouldn't your husband want to know so that he could protect you?

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    Between $50 and $100 per hour.

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    Its about 200.00 to 500.00 per day plus expenses.

    They buy a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, gas etc. it all ads up.

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    if someone is following you..make it worth their wild....take them on a trip....fill your car up with gas...and just drive until the one that is doing the following get ex tried to follow me and I drove around the city just to piss him off, he has not follow me again.....

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    usually about as much as they figure u can afford and more.500per day plus expenses

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