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How long until I see the effects of Adderall?

I just started Adderall XR this week, and I don't think it is working. I am still tired all the time, and don't feel more focused.

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    It took me a little over a week to start to feel the effects.

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    Adderall XR works INSTANTLY dumbass , it takes about 30-60 minutes after you swallow it to feel it , of course it would help if you put HOW MANY mgs your on but i guess your too stupid to realize taht , your probably not on enoughf , also do you drink coffee ,? ive got a gaurnteed way , this is what i do im on ADDeral XR 25 mg ,i stay OFF of it for about a week or so , then once its all out of my system , i make a big cup of coffee and i take 3 of the capsuls and pour them in the coffee and drinkadoodle doo them up , down the whole coffee and then scoop outthe left over litle balls and eat them then down some water have a ciggerte or watch tv and wait about 10 minutes and youll feel a giant Rush and then youll feel it for sure , it lasts about 12 hours , Just make sure you EAT ALOT! befor you do it or your stomach might hurt and also drink plenty of water , i say 3 cus mine are 25 so thats 75 mg , which is about the MOST you ever wana take if your only on 10 or somthing well then youll need 7 , if your on 30 then only use like 2 , well enjoy , and dont do it everday 1ce a week at the most , hope this helps you speed freak

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    that you're experiencing indicators like that must be an illustration that you're taking too a lot, you ought to attempt a decrease dose. dependancy is a complicated difficulty. For the acute majority of situations, you may develop into attentive to possibility factors by using gazing your household and your self for previous themes with substance abuse. there's a good genetic and environmental link. in case you grew up round those who did not have problems with alcohol or different drugs, you're oftentimes not in threat - you in simple terms don't have the 'setup' that makes you an addict. Amphetamines do not completely adjust mind biology. You end taking them, and your mind is going lower back to typical. What you word with meth is a drug that's many situations more beneficial powerful than the straightforward amphetamines in Adderall, or perhaps as abused is taken in doses 1000's to thousands of situations more beneficial than clinical amphetamine makes use of. Meth is often taken in doses of 1000's of milligrams or grams and smoked or injected. the universal harm comes from the brilliant stress this places on the middle and cardiovascular gadget, previous that with prolonged use at this aspect you may carry out slightly harm to the mind notwithstanding it takes a honest bit to attempt this. Dopamine is implicated in schizophrenia yet not the in simple terms area of the tale. Schizophrenia includes a more beneficial international sickness of the mind encompassing disturbances in maximum neurotransmitter structures the biggest of that are glutamate and dopamine. At astronomically intense doses over a lengthy era of time, there's a phenomena general as amphetamine psychosis, which mimics certain sensible indicators of schizophrenia. because the thoughts says, amphetamines at low doses are very secure with clinical professional supervision, you're literally not in threat for any of the above. The exception must be once you've something like a heart disorder that makes your cardiovascular gadget fairly gentle. once you've added questions, be at liberty deliver me message. i'm not extraordinarily attentive to upload, yet i recognize a honest bit about the psychoactive drugs themselves.

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    basically you will feel something the moment your hooked.

    quit taking it, it's not a good drug for anyone. however, ask about streterra if you have to have something.

    usually when you take adderall, you will notice a change within 20 minutes.

    if your fatigued as well you should be tested for other things that may cause the inattention issue, ie. those with liver disease have what we call a "brain fog" issue and no medications have helped, although i have a medication for narcalepsy and am just afraid to take it.

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