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Why does it piss me off so bad that he doesnt want me?

I mean, I'm not ugly (I'm very attractive), I have a good job, my own place, my own car. He still lives with his parents, no car, and off and on job.

Fellas, if a girl is not a hoe, is pretty, has a lot going for herself, and has shown interest in you, what are some other reasons u wouldnt be feeling her? Especially when she said she isnt looking for a relationship, and just wants a "friend" to chill with?

What more is there?

What could be internal reasons for a guy to be this way?

And fellas, if a girl has HONESTLY - and you know she meant it - told you she wont be mad if u told her u wasnt feeling her, why wouldnt u be honest about the way you?

Have you ever really did want a girl, but maybe didnt make it known?

We're both 23, but one of his friends said his shyness level is at a 3rd grade level. When I ignore him, he tries to speak to me. If u dont like me, why would u talk about me to your friends, dance with me, and we text each other? Wtf is that?


Damn, why do some people assume that just because you know your good points that you are conceited or have a big ego?

And I am talking this way on line, but in no way do I have a conceited air about myself in person. I just know who I am, whats wrong with that?

Update 2:

funny someone would mention he may be gay. He has an identical twin brother who is bisexual

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    I don't think he is gay. I think he might not like you. There are tons of women out there with your qualities, me being one of them and the guys who you would think would want you, are the ones who could care less and only seem to pay attention to you when you don't want them.

    So it could just be that he isn't into you. I've told guys before that they could tell me the truth, but guys lie because they can. Plus there are tons of women who say they want the truth and when a guy tells them, they flip out. Not saying you are one of them, but that scares them from telling those of us who do want to know the truth what they are really feeling.

    Just ignore him and I bet he will come around if he is interested...

    The question you should be asking yourself is why do you want him when he doesn't seem to have much going for him.

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    This is difficult but as you get older you will realize that all though you have everything going for you, you may not be what he's looking for in a girlfriend. When I was younger, I had the same problem. I mean, I just couldn't understand until I met a guy that had it all going for him but he wasn't what I wanted in a man either. So take comfort. Don't let it break your spirit. The right man will come, that will love you and want you they way you deserved to be loved. At least he's man enough to show you that he's not interested in you that way. Also be grateful because I know alot of men nowadays, when they know that a girl is so in love with them, they "use" them both for money and sex, then dump them. I know you may feel rejected right now but in a few years you'll be happy he never lead you on. (Consider this, which is worse rejection before sex or after sex?). Cheer up!!

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    Wow, a lot of questions here. OK, first of all, it's possible that he just doesn't feel any chemistry. Or possibly he's getting mixed signals. Secondly, if you've actually confronted him and basically forced him to choose, that would do it too. My guess as to why he won't tell you outright one way or the other is because he does like you and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Thirdly, yes, I know a girl right now that I want really badly, but I don't want to ruin a wonderful friendship with something fleeting like sex. It's great for the moment, but after that you've thrown a lifetime friendship out the window. If you are really interested, just be patient with him. Let him come to you, and I'll bet you'll get what you want then! Good luck and God Bless!!

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    For being 23, he is way off the track. You are not seeing "red flags", and it will cost you. You are seeing him through rose colored glasses. Why don't you just move on and get someone else. Can't you see that there are social problems here. You are apparently aggressive, and he isn't. This probably scares him, and maybe he wants to be the one who pursues you, and you are pursuing him. Another thing, he could be gay, and has not accepted it by now. Another, he apparently enjoys living with his parents, and not being mature for his age, with a car and such. You are seeking an adult relationship/friendship with a child, is this really what you want?? If he was interested, I strongly suspect, he would be doing the pursuing, so back off, he is not for you anyway.

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    you ask why does it piss you off so bad ? it's simple rejection is hard for anyone to take. but it happens to every one at some point in our lives's . and maybe your not the type he wants to date. and did it ever occur to you that maybe he might be gay . or maybe like his friend said he is just a shy person and if that's the case talk to him , get him to open up with you . you knows what it is with him guy's are hard to figure out. anyway good luck .

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    Sometimes, we want what we think we can't have, more than we would want it if we knew we could have it... if you thought you could have him, you might find him to be a lot less desirable... sounds like he's not really all that desirable, but may be playing hard to get... & he probably wouldn't end up being worth the trouble of going after.

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    He is still enjoying being young. He probably looks at you as his final destination, the marrying type. Let him enjoy himself....without you. Just tell him not to screw every woman he sees and that men that sleep around are nasty. He will have a lot of respect for you and find it hard to screw anyone. Because you were real with him.

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    well women mature faster than men I mean I`m kinda in a similar situation maybe you should just not talk to him I mean is working look at how he tries to talk to you when you dont I mean if you attractive then make yourself avaliable to more than just one person dont wait around for him because you`ll always will be disappointed and will never get anywhere forget him and move on I garauntee he`ll be ringing you up and begging you to call him believe me I should know

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    Unless you want to lose everything you worked so hard for, bail on this creep!!!

    It makes everything you have seem like nothing if you cant take pride in yourself and your accomplishments and atleast find someone COMPATIBLE with you!

    Let him keep the drama with his momma. Find a REAL man, they usually hang out at the book store looking at books like "How to please a woman, over and over and over again". Good luck!!!!

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