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am i dyslexic?

i sometimes see the capital "r" backwards. does that mean i'm dyslexic? does that mean i have a learning disability? if i am dyslexic, is it something to be ashamed of?

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    If it's just the capital "R," it's probably more your brain got that one backwards somehow than that you're dyslexic. If you reverse other letters too, jumble the spellings of words, have trouble reading, or other, similar problems, then you might well be dyslexic.

    I'm dyslexic, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn't mean you're not smart - Albert Einstein was dyslexic! And there are a lot of things you can do to compensate. I take most of my notes in class on my laptop, since it's really hard to type a letter backwards. When I do write things out by hand, I still mix up p, b, and d (I'll write one when I meant another), or get the letters of a word in the wrong order even though I know how to spell the word. But I get extra time on exams so I have time to fix those kinds of mistakes. I also have very little visual memory, and when I have to label the parts of a frog embryo on an exam, well, that just doesn't go very well. And I spent a really long time on my physics homework last night because I misread "sixtieth" as "sixteenth."

    There are also a lot of other learning disabilities that might cause some similar problems to those associated with dyslexia. If you think you might have a learning disability, you can get tested through your school or a private psychologist. If they find anything, they can recommend specific modifications to your academic environment to help you cope. I will say though that an assessment is generally quite expensive (and it takes a long time, too), so if you're not struggling at all, it's probably not worth being tested just to satisfy your own curiosity.

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    If you read or write words or numbers backwards and get confused frequently, then you are dyslexic, but no way should you be ashamed about it. There are thousands of people just like you, even famous stars like Orlando Bloom is dyslexic. Visit http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/dyslexia/dyslex... for more info. Good blessings!

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    The dyslexic may reverse letters like b and d, or p and q, either when reading or writing.

    He may invert letters, reading or writing n as u, m as w, d as q, p as b, f as t.

    He may mirror write letters and perhaps numbers, ‘’ for ‘y’, ‘ε’ for ‘3’.

    He may read or write words like no for on, rat for tar, won for now, saw for was.

    He may read or write 17 for 71.

    He may mirror write words, like ‘’ for Susan.

    Directional confusion also explains a lot of the difficulties some dyslexics have in learning to tie their shoe-laces. Most children can tie their shoe-laces at the age of five. Over 90 percent of dyslexics are later than average in acquiring this skill, and without intervention around half do not pick this up until the age of ten or later, and even then are not 100 percent successful.

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    I don't think it is dyslexia, i spent an entire year writing my K's back to front for no reason i stop and now i can do it (woo hoo). Dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of, it does not mean u are stupid or anything like that, gone are the days when ppl thought that. If u can read and write then odds are u r ok, but if u are still worried about it talk to ur doctor about taking the test.

    Source(s): 2 of my aunts are dyslexic.
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    do you see other words back word? just cause you see a letter backwards it doesnt mean yor dyslexic you might just need glasses. or maybe you get dizzy. and trust me its nothing to be ashamed of. talk to your doctor about that he may have more answers that you need or talk to your mom .

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    Being Dislexic is just fine. You shouldn't be ashamed, but it sounds like a minor case. It could be a lot worse. Go to an eye doctor and get checked up on.

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    is it only the capital r ya got problems with,,if so i wouldn't think you have dyslexia,,and no it's not a learning disability,maybe you have heard it is because many people had problem's in school not knowing they have dyslexia.

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