Developing countries have not acieved developed status despite embarking on development strategies. Why?

Please help me answer my questions with points, elaboration and examples so that i can understand them. . Thx for all of your help . . Really would appreciate it alots . . =)

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    It will take some countries many decades or longer to reach developed status.

    Economically, countries that do not have a solid legal system (court systems, rule of law, protected property rights) do not attract outside investment as easily as a developed countries do.

    Socially, it may take generations to develop better eduactional institutions and to produce an eduacted workforce.

    Politically, there must be the will and leadership. May developing countries suffer from unstable political situations and corruption.

    As in business, planning is important but execution of the plan is the true measure.

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    1) Even if the development strategies have begun none have them have been properly put into action due to the indifference of the government and lack of effort Eg- many of the roads in India have not been constructed due to internal conflict in the ruling parties....

    2) The indifference of the people...People aren't educated and many of the developing countries are overpopulated and that causes umenployment and backwardness of the country...They have to be educated about family planning and crap...

    3)Sometimes the phenomenon of Brain Drain occurs, many of the highly qualiffied personas of the country prefer to migrate to other countries, thus decreasing the amount of qualified personnel in the country, which doesn't help in the growth of the economy.....

    4) Nowadays developing countries, watching the race for arms in other countries also begin to manufacture arms that take alot of money which rather can be used for the development of the country....

    5) Also social evils like terrorism, also hinder the progress of a country and sometimes even natural calamities that cause widespread damage drain money for recontruction.

    Hope this helped...

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