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How can you make your hair darker?

You know how Lemon makes your hair lighter.

Is there anything that makes your hair Darker.

Besides dyes an stuff.

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    1) Pantene Expressions shampoo (takes several times)

    2) Soak in cranberry Juice (will give it a red tint)

    3) semi-permanent hair color (last about 6 weeks so it fades out of the hair)

    4) Sharpies

    5) Henna

    6) Temporary color is a topical color that lasts from shampoo to shampoo. This color is designed to go darker only. It can mask new growth between touch-ups or add depth to faded hair. Temporary color rarely adds shine or improves the quality of the hair. It's the band-aid approach.

    7) Semi-permanent color is a good choice for the person who wants a change, but does not want to make a commitment. It is also good for the person allergic to hair color. This color will also only go darker, as there is no peroxide or analine which make color more permanent. Semi-permanent color will wash out in 3-4 weeks. Clairol's Loving Care is a well known semi-permanent hair color.

    8) Demi-permanent color is ideal for the person who has less than 25% gray or is looking for a color that is darker, richer, or redder. It is not designed to cover gray hair, but will blend and tone, giving an illusion of less gray. It does contain a low volume of peroxide or a catalyst that is a peroxide derivative. If you are allergic to permanent hair color this may not be an option for you. Redken Shades E-Q is a very popular demi-permanent color used in salons.

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    Not really, You are going the other direction as far as color so all you could do besides dye is the color shampoos. I would go to a professional before you do anything to your hair on your own.

    Source(s): I'm a stylist
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    They have those color shampoos...ALSO! they have in the hair dye aisle (NO ITS NOT HAIR DYE) they have stuff you can put in your hair that only lasts like 8 days but of course lasts longer... its by L'Oreal....It has no amonia in it and i've used it works great!

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    no! but there are easy to do yourself colorings that are cheap and simple to do.just follow the directions.always get the cheapest you makes no differance except you have less money.just look at the color on the box and it should come out pretty close.

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    yeah there are shampoos with henna extract

    popular shampoos with the asian stores

    go to one and ask for shampoo that makes ur hair blacker

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    no. try to stay out of the sun, and avoid anything that can lighten your hair. hair color is the only way to darken your hair.

    Source(s): I am a hairstylist/salon manager 10 years experience
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    Henna might do the trick.

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    I always use spray paint, it's a bit stiff when it drys, but it works.

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    color your hair

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