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Are my cat's "Gay?"?

I have 2 male cat's they have both been fixed. They appear to be "best friends" or "brothers" but my one cat is ALWAYS on top of the other cat biting his neck and "humping" him. I say this is just a domination thing.He's letting the other cat know he's the "Alpha" My son on the other hand say's that they are gay. I'm being serious, so no funny answers, please. Thanks!


The cat on the bottom doesn't seem to be bothered. I do tell the "alpha" to stop when he get's aggresive. But I guess they know what they're doing?

Update 2:

They are NOT birth related. I've had "alpha" longer. The other cat is deaf. They are usually cleaning each other all the time. Other than this "play time" they get along GREAT!

Update 3:

The Top cat is 5 bottom cat is 7 (bottom was my mom's cat) But I've had him for 3 years so they've been around each other for all 3 years.

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    I tend to think you're right, in that it's a domination attempt. I have two fixed male cats too, and often see the same behaviour (neck biting and humping -- well, trying). It's actually quite funny to watch.

    Here are my thoughts;

    - just because they're fixed, doesn't mean they have no sexual desire,

    - just because they're both male, and humping, doesn't mean they're gay

    Firstly, cats, dogs, and other domestic animals simply don't have the complex emotions we as humans do. So, the idea of Gay/Straight, or love for that matter, are just not part of their wiring. They definitely feel love, but not in the same ways we do. So, this idea that cats or dogs can be gay, is really just us being anthropomorphic. It's just animal nature. Animals don't have the same taboos we have over sexual behaviour.

    Should you stop it? Personally, I really don't know. When my two male cats start up, the one being mounted usually turns around and tries to bite the other. So, basically they work it out themselves. If it's a problem, you may want to get in between, but I also suspect they're being naughty and randy when you're not around, so it's usually best to let them figure it out. Unless, of course, if one cat is especially nasty towards the other, or they end up scrapping and hurting each other.

    Good luck.

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    The term"Alpha" belongs to dogs and comes for the social hierarchy of wolves-alpha being the top wolf. But You are Right that the one cat is dominating and playing at mating-if not yet adult -child,teen animals will also simulate mating(motions but not real mating ,insertion is going on) for they copy the behaviors of the adults and that is a behavior they observe. Since the one cat has established itself top in the social order of the 2 cats it gets to imitate,practice the behavior while the other cat is being submissive. There is no such thing as "Gay" in cat society for when the male gets to mating age will only mate with a female and the female when in heat will only be approached by male cats. Fact is the female by emitting odor that she is in heat starts the mating process-the male will know time to mate because of the hormone odor given out by the female cat and only mates with those cats giving off this hormone attraction-so being gay is impossible for a cat. So is gay not known in dogs for Even though a male.female will hump to show domination and those being humped are being submissive -it is all simulation and the act does not occur.To understand your cats-read up on behaviors of the big cats for although your kitty has been domesticated for a very long time-acts just like the bigh cats.

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    I had the same situation with my two female cats but I think you may be right about the Alpha thing or maybe animals dont care what sex the other animal is. My dog humps our garage.

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    Its an alpha male thing, the superior has to ensure the other knows he's the top cat on the block! No worries, it'll pass once they both understand their place in the pack

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    Stray Cat Strut and Cat Scratch Fever.

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    no, your cats are not gay. i have two females who are litter mates and they do the same thing. it is a dominance thing. they are also playing with each other. try and explain this to your son. hopefully he will understand. once they have determined who is the higher ranking male it should stop.

    another thing to think about, when they eat are their bowls next to each other? that could also cause a problem.

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    No, the cats are not gay. In the animal kingdom, sexual preference is based on sex of animal, there are no gay animals.

    You are right, it's a domination thing - Alpha dog. Mine do it all the time, two especially. I just yell at them or stomp my foot and they stop.

    But it is easy to see how your son might misinterpret their actions.

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    Omg No their not Gay lol is that the answer for everything in this world.Ask your vet he'll tell you the reason or go to a website that has answers 4 U.Good Luck

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    I don;t think that your cats are gay they are just being cats and having fun. Tell your son that they're not gay just having a good time.

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    No, its nothing sexual at all. Like you said, it's a dominance thing. Maybe do some further reasearch into the subject and show your son to convince him.

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