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Is the democratic party becoming a leftist totalitarian party?

You know, a party that is only tolerant of one view, and acts like this:

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    To call them "totalitarian" is an understatement in the extreme.

    Totalitarianism would assume that SOMEONE in the party has SOME sort of leadership. Not so with this motley crew.

    Totalitarianism is benign when compared with what has been happening within the ranks of the "Democratic" party. (I'm still wondering when they'll be honest and change their party name. At least the Green Party are somewhat honestly representing themselves.)

    Anarchy is what I see. Pure, unadulterated, hateful anarchy.

    No wonder Joe "persona non grata" Lieberman was forced out. He was the last one in the party, as liberal as he is, with even a SLIVER of reason.

  • Your not even a very smart troll. To many disenfranchised citizens the patheticness of the dems is that now they are the same as the cons. Dirty, corrupt, self serving, power hungry whores. Your just a tool being utilized to keep the people divided. The real topic should be why we are still the only industrialized nation w/ a 2 party system.

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    did not you answer your own question? certain this is what he became relating... i'm assuming you're for the present president of the U.S? even with the undeniable fact that i do not understand. I hate to sound ignorant, this is purely I had to examine through your question 3x to totally understand it and walked away feeling like I nevertheless hadn't. i am going to not help yet sense you probably did this on objective. Quoting you "Sheer lack of information is a tempting reason behind the continual willingness of the loose to attack the rules of there own freedom." Are you in extra ordinary words declaring stupidity is responsible? purely curious?

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    Democrats and Republicans have changed their standing regarding the 2nd Amendment and both have abused the 1st Amendment.

    Source(s): Dr Ross
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  • And the Republican Party is oh so accepting of different view points.


    Freedom of not having the government interfere in your life

    Civil rights

    The Constitution

    (Dare I go on?)

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    Yes.. since when have they ever considered YOUR views, John? Never. So you should have no reason to tolerate THEIR views. Yes John, do not tolerate them. Fight them. HATE them.

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    Absolutely YES!!!

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    but the protect our "rights" boo hoo hoo. only haters act that way and it is pathetic

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    tolerant LMAO.

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    They've been like this for years.

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