Do guinea pigs have rabies?..?

my guinea pig bit me.=( it wasn't deep or anything and I let it bleed and washed it with soap and water, it stopped bleeding right away.. but I'm still worried.. my guinea pig seems fine, and it came from pet store and never went outside to play with other animal.. but I'm still not sure! Another thing, I already got rabies shots not too long ago because I was bitten by a cat. I hear once you get rabies shots it will be active for a year and you just need booster shot every 1 or 2 years.. does this mean I'm already safe?.. I HOPE I AM!~

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    I've never heard of guinea pigs carrying rabies.

    You may want to investigate as to why your guinea pig bit you in the first place. Guinea pigs rarely bite unless they are in pain. One of the most common reasons for guinea pigs biting are mites, which are microscopic little bugs that burrow under the skin. They can make handling and petting very painful for your little friend. Good news is that it is a very easy and cheap condition to treat. See the link below for more info.

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    The guinea pig doesn't have rabies because it had no way to catch it. Rabies is practically eradicated in populated areas; have you ever heard of a pet wit rabies? It sometimes occurs in wild animals, but still it is rare. Thank goodness.

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    I doubt if you guinea pig has rabies if it came from the store. Animals don't usually just get rabies unless they come in contact with another animal with it.

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    If you are up to date on your shots and the animal came straight from the store you are fine. Animals with rabies normally show tall tale symptoms like white foam from the mouth and crazy unnatural movements. Don't worry! You'll be fine.

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    no, your guinea pig doesn't have rabies. and as a human you can't catch any diseases from it. you are fine, just a nasty rodent bite. you are safe, rabies shots from a cat bite is serious business... cats are scavengers, nasty trash cans, rodents (like your g.p.) only wild ones; and whatever else they can are safer with g.p. bite than cat bite. just try and handle g.p. more and feed him some hay and carrots, do not give him ice berg lettuce. has no nutritional value and can cause dehydration. orange slices, strawberry's and green peppers are great souces of vitamin c for them. they are like people and do not retain vit. c in their bodies and are suseptable to scurvey.

  • no no no my guinea pig used to bite me all the time because you have salt on your body from persperation but no harm just a little bite nothing but

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