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Women is it true that men can know what your thinking or feeling for that day by the color of your undies?

example if you are wearing white panties you are feeling okay no drama

if you are wearing black panties ...your in a bitchy mood

and if your wearing pink panties you are feeling sexy ........

women is it true or false

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    if you're a *****' retard maybe!

  • Anonymous
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    False, That is just stupid. Hell, I just put on what's clean and match. I don't say..."oh I feel sexy I'm putting on pink panties" The only pink panties I have are bloomers and theirs nothing sexy about that. I don't even own a pair of white panties, LOL.

  • Cathy
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    1 decade ago

    deep.....but I don't know about the color...the style maybe. If you're wearing grannie're feeling uggh, thongs = sexy. Etc.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's true sometimes, except when it's false.

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    lacy=ready for action

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