Why does my laptop battery discharge even though the power source is the ac adapter?

The battery light that indicates if my battery is charged turns completely off lately (it should be green when its charged, orange when it needs to be. My computer is connected to the ac adapter..but my battery continues to discharge. I unplug my adapter from the computer and then plug it back in..sometimes the orange light comes on..sometimes it doesnt.

idk what to do


its not the ac adapter its self..i have 2 and the problem occurs on both

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    power down your laptop, remove the battery, plug your a/c adapter back in, if the computer powers up fine, then your battery is bad. if the laptop does not power up then you are having problems with your a/c adapter. now the problem could be either the adapter itself or the other common problem with laptops is the center conductor where the a/c adapter plugs into is broken, you can test this with either a finger or a pencil, it should not move, and if it does you need to take the laptop in for repair. be prepared at that point to spend atleast $200 for the repair.

  • 4 years ago

    If the battery is latest, usually a pc will continuously run off the battery. So it really is already operating on the battery formerly the AC is close down. purely that the AC is continuously recharging the battery so it in no way runs out. a pc reveal has a series of little gentle in it. they're fixed in position so as that no remember the way you tip the reveal (or the entire pc) they lights do not flow, so the reveal reveal continues to be a similar. advice on a computer is transmitted one byte at a tlime. So it in ordinary words has to have one tiny cord to transmit the advice, because it in ordinary words comes one "wide type" at a time.

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    You have a dead battery. If it can't hold a charge then I suggest getting a new one for your computer. A battery in use should hold a charge for few hours, depending on use/age of the the battery. A battery left alone should hold a charge for a day-several days depending on the age/ware of the battery.

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    The battery has most likely ben damaged from having the a/c adaptor continuously plugged in, check your manual and if that does not help give your manufacturer a call.

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  • 1 decade ago

    charging laptop all the time even if it's not low batt is not good. sometimes, the battery gets over charged so for short, your battery isn't good anymore. my advise is, bring your laptop to the nearest best buy at geeksquad and let them check your battery or maybe your charger is not working anymore.

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