If u can always ask what happened 10 billion yrs before, no matter where u r How did we ever get to this point

This is a philosophical question. If you can always ask yourself the question of ...what was going on 10 billion years before, no matter where you are in time, suggests that time goes back infinitely. If this is true then how did we ever get to this point in time?

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    Based on the evidence we have found today, we believe that time does not go infinitely back.

    One of two things seems true:

    It started at a singularity in the past (big bang), when the universe was infinitely small. Before this point, the concept of time just doesn't make any sense. This is the current winner in terms of both popularity and evidence.

    The nature of time changes the further back in time you go. (the specifics of these theories vary, and there is not much evidence to this effect, but it's still postulated by some physicists out there).


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    I think your asumption is wrong. Over the course of time that cosmology has ben a science, 10 billion years is so long ago that there has been no point is getting very specific. IE, people do not say that carl sagan was speaking about 10 billion and 20 years ago as compared to now. However, if you are talking about the beggining of Earth's formation then you could not sa that the universe preceeded it by 10 billion years, because the actual number is somthing around 6 billion years.

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    Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose claim to have proven from General Relativity that "the universe and time itself must have had a beginning in a tremendous explosion." Thus, before the Big Bang, there was no time. We have no guarantee that time continues indefinitely in either direction.

    Source(s): Stephen Hawking, "The Universe in a Nutshell", page 76
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    Time is just a fake concept your brain made up to make it feel secure.

  • time is made up of an infinite moments of now. therefore there is only now in time. thats how we got THERE!!!!! or is that here?

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