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What are the proper nutrients that kids should have consume daily?

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    Protein - meat, fish, chicken, peanut butter, eggs

    Vegetables - green, yellow, etc.

    Fruit - citrus and other types

    Dairy - milk, cheese, yogurt

    Grains - bread, cereal

    At least 3 servings from each group daily.

  • Anonymous
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    green and yellow vegetables, and some of them should be raw. raw fruits, dairy products, low fat milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt. protein, peanutbutter, dried beans, or meats, lean chicken beef or fish or even some pork broiled or baked. whole grain breads. some potato is ok if the child isnt overweight, baked or boiled. cereals should be low in sugar and high in vitamins and if you can find any with a good fiber content it is very helpful.

  • GD-Fan
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    Lots of calcium, Vitamin C, e....etc

    Basically all 4 food groups not alot of junk food and a good children's multi vitamin

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    Here is an excellent site that should help you with that. It is done with kids in mind.

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