Best driving directions to St Lukes Hospital Medical center from sheboygan without going through construction?

Driving on I-43, Not real familiar with Milwaukee,will have two backseat drivers with me

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    I will try to help you. Which St. Luke's are you going to - the one on South 27th Street? I'll assume that's the one.

    The bad news is - it'll be next to impossible to avoid the construction. But coming south on 43/94 won't be so bad. You won't hit the construction until you're just outside of Milwaukee.

    It would be possible to exit before the construction, but honestly, it's not a good idea. Not only would it take you forever to get there, but you'll be driving through some bad neighborhoods. Chances are good that you'd be fine, but it could be scary.

    I did a mapquest, and it's the same route I would recommend.

    When you get to the beginning of the construction, stay in your right lane. If there's 3 lanes, stay in the middle. At some point there's a right lane that's exit only, so watch out for that.

    You're going to pass the 94W/Madison exit. Keep going straight. You'll probably see signs for National Avenue.

    As you pass the Marquette Interchange, you're going to be proceeding onto a high rise bridge/overpass. The lanes will open up here. Stay in the right lanes, but watch out for exit only lanes.

    After you pass the exit for National, there's a Mitchell St./Lapham exit. Keep going. You're looking for the Holt Street exit. This exit is on the right.

    Take the HOLT AVE exit- EXIT 314A.

    Take the HOLT AVE WEST ramp.

    Turn RIGHT onto W HOLT AVE.

    W HOLT AVE becomes W MORGAN AVE.

    Turn RIGHT onto S 27TH ST / WI-241 N.

    Turn LEFT onto W OKLAHOMA AVE.

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    try mapquest for directions and map

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