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How do you get rid of saddlebags?

I'm young, but I've had saddlebags forever and it makes buying pants difficult. What are some effective ways to get rid of them?

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    Girl, I've got the same problem. I'm not overweight, but I've had them forever and it makes me hate shopping for pants and jeans. I could try on tops all day.

    I've done exercises that are supposed to firm up the outer thigh and butt muscles. They help a little, but I think you just have to reduce overall body fat so much to the point that you just can't see them. And, I know that's not always practical.

    I have just resigned myself to the fact that I'm a pear shape. Here's atleast a plus to us being pear shaped (where most of your weight is gained below the hips). We're healthier than the apple-shaped people who gain most of their weight around the middle. This contributes to heart disease and all sorts of other things because that fat is closer to your organs.

    Oh, and back to minimizing them. Side leg lifts and squats can help firm your thighs.

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    Walking lunges. Do them three times a week. Go for distance more the better. Good Luck

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  • some sit ups walking yard work

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