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Why the TEN commandments? Do they even apply anymore?

Are they special sins? There are, according to one hysterical christian, over 900 sins! in the bible you can't break--funny--but molesting children, rape, and a host of other deep ethical problems society has today are not in there! But I suppose how to beat your slave is more important than that! well, anyway!

Why Just the Ten? Were they just really important to God at that time he gave them to Moses?

And why is it that most christians can't even name all of the ten commandments? hmmmm..


Esther, yeah, well, unfortunately, Jesus didn't even answer their question: He just added new commandments!

love your neighbor was a new thing, a jesus thing. Had NOTHING to do with commandments.

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    The Ten Commandments are different than the other 900+ commandments. Notice that these were the ONLY commandments written on stone by the hand of GOD. the others were written by Moses on paper. Also, The Ten Commandments were put INTO the Ark, whereas, the other commandments were inserted into the side of the Ark.

    Are we to keep them? The short answer is yes.

    These laws have a univesal nature to them. Such as, "thou shalt not kill."

    The other laws were symbolic of things to come. Such as, the sanctuary and ceremonial laws.

    Hope this helps.

    GOD bless

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    The first few of the TC are a little confusing today, but if understood properly, they could be valuable. Loving God with all your heart means having love in your heart and that's probably good. Knowing who God is and not worshiping false gods could be slightly more difficult because the connection to the real God has gotten rather loose over the centuries. The Sacred Day Off is a good thing. So is the not calling something God which isn't. Then not killing or stealing or having too much desire for things that belong to other people. Keeping the marriage vow. This is getting into the really good parts now. Honoring Mom and Dad is good as long as they are honorable. And then not saying that someone did something that they didn't do- no false accusations.

    It is incomplete by today's standards, but might still be a good beginner set of principals.

    Live and learn. Time marches on.

    Sorry if they're not in order. It was from memory.

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    The Ten Commandments, if followed would eliminate the sins you are speaking of like rape, child molesting and other ethical issues society has.

    For instance, rape----if you follow the commandments 10, 7, you wouldn't be committing rape.

    #6, there wouldn't be wars, murders, etc....

    The Ten Commandments is love.

    If society followed all of the the commandments, people would not be commiting the evils we see in society.

    We can't expect God to outline 900 Commandments, all sins relate to the transgression of one or several or all of God's commandments. The Bible is there to help us as well.

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    Actually there are 613 commandments. The Ten mentioned are no more then an overall of the 613 specific commandments that include your list.

    Since the Son of God is the "I AM" who delivered those ten to Moses, the "I AM" said that if you lust in your heart that it is the same as adultery and if you hate others in your heart that it is the same as murder. So the "I AM" is saying that more then your actions are taken into account, even your very thoughts must be pure. Yep, they are still relevant for today, try breaking a few and see if you don't land up in jail. :o)

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    For Christians, Jesus fulfilled the Law of Moses.

    Christians are not held to the ceremonial parts of the Mosaic Law concerning of dietary purity and temple worship.

    Christians are held to the moral law of God, some of which is expressed in the Ten Commandments.

    However Jesus took the Ten Commandments to the next step summarizing them into the two Great Commandments:

    + You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.

    + You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

    And teaching things like

    + Everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

    + Everyone is our neighbor including our enemies.

    Therefore we have to go much farther than the original recipients of the Ten Commandments ever dreamed.

    With love in Christ.

    Source(s): For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, part 3, section 2:
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    the ten commandments is an all encompassing set of rules. since GOD is all seeing all knowing dont you think he had the forethought to know sins would evolve? yes they still apply and will until the end of time. you cant count how many sins there are thats rediculous tell the hysterical christian to stop counting and make sure they are in line and not to worry about others short comings.

    Source(s): funny i can name them all but then again my mother was a preacher and pastored her own church. we read that scripture EVERY sunday.
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    The ten commandments were before Jesus, they were given to Moses by God so that people could be more civilized. The Ten are like the root of the rest of the sins...they are all linked back to the Ten.

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    Do you know the ten commandments? Because if you did, you would know that they do apply. And all that stuff is not there because it wasn't part of the culture or problems when it was made. But it could be applied to those. Because if you lust, then that will lead you to do those things.

    And they don't know cause they don't know. It's just like asking people, "Do you know the first five US presidents?" And almost everyone I asked didn't know.

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    As a Christian i trust that all and dissimilar of the Bible applies to anybody. this is purely that we are now not less than the penalty of the regulation and sin is now not our carry close. Romans 6:13-15 of the recent international version says 13Do not grant the aspects of your body to sin, as gadgets of wickedness, yet really grant yourselves to God, as those who've been presented from lack of existence to existence; and grant the aspects of your body to him as gadgets of righteousness. 14For sin shall not be your carry close, because you at the on the spot are not less than regulation, yet less than grace. I see the regulation as a reflect through which I could stay yet i'm not a slave to the regulation in view that i'm freed through grace. The regulation seeks to sentence even as grace seeks to set loose. It does not mean that I shouldn't achieve what I sow or be held responsible for what i have executed. anybody could. Grace says that we've a pardon. this is like the thief that receives a pardon in courtroom. he continues to be accountable and he nevertheless advantages his punishment yet someone became gracious and gave him a pardon. None persons are worth of grace. A pastor is termed to evangelise the truth. when you're indignant on the Pastor for preaching the be conscious then you truthfully at the on the spot are not indignant on the pastor for it isn't his be conscious that he's preaching yet God's. The Pastor is the messenger even as God is the author. If it cuts to the heart this is because it really is meant to. The be conscious is a 2-edged sword. Hebrews 4:12 For the recognize God is living and energetic. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the guidelines and attitudes of the heart.

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    You remind me of the Pharisees who were constantly trying to trap Jesus with such questions. They asked Him, what is the most important commandment? Jesus answered...."Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself; in these two, are all the laws and the prophets fulfilled". Something to mull over.

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