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Ideas for decorating a room with party streamers and sign?

I have 3 or so rolls of crepe streamers and a happy birthday sign.. any ideas of how I should do the layout of the room? Pictures is what i would really like, but anything else is wonderful.

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    A very simple and easy to do decoration.

    To do this, you'll need a step stool or something to stand on and clear tape.

    Start in one corner at the ceiling and tape the streamer using plenty of tape. Make sure that it holds when you lightly tug on it. Then walk across the room to the opposite corner. After you've gotten up on your stool or ladder, gently twist the paper so that the entire length has a spiral look to it. Tape it up leaving a hanging section that's about half of the room's height.

    Do the same for the other two corners. It should form an "X" in the middle of the room. Tape the center where they cross to the ceiling. If there is a fan or light fixture in the way, tape it to the globe (the part that covers the light). Then add balloons for a festive look. If you don't have any and aren't planning on buying any, make some twisted loops with excess streamers. Then tape them so that they form teardrops to help hide the tape in the middle and at the corners the best you can.

    Hang the sign at the entry or door way to the room. If you still have streamer left over, maybe try some hanging straight down for a "curtain" effect as people enter the room.

    This takes about 20-30 minutes total if you are by yourself. It won't come down during the night and people won't be bumping and tripping over the decorations.

    Looks like this when finished:

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    try to put the crepe stramers in the wall or in the windows and put the birthday sighn in the door

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