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HELP! What is a great city to relocate to for teaching?

The teaching job market in MI is horrible. This was my second year looking for an elementary public school teaching position. No luck. I am now determined to get out of state by next summer. I'm looking for a cool and safe city/suburb (preferably east coast) in need of teachers.

**Also, I am huge into music/concerts, so a place that has great indie/rock venues would be perfect.

Thank you!!!

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    Cleveland, Ohio. They always need teachers, the schools are being renovated, the city AND the surrounding suburbs are reasonably priced to live on a teachers salary. Downtown Cleveland hosts many rock concerts as there are quite a few venues and for a big city, its not extremely huge.

    I live 20 minutes outside of Cleveland and everything you can think of is convenient from shopping malls to hospitals to grocery stores and even concert venues. The people here are also very nice.

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    Naperville, Illinois. They are building a new high school here but I am not sure if that will create opening in the elementary schools. Chicago is a short drive and has many good concert venues, especially the Metro for Indies.

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    Western Michigan

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    The entire state of Florida is in desperate need of teachers. They will often pay a signing bonus and will even pay to help you get certified.

    Georgia is in need of teachers in certain fields. Check their website.

    I heard also that NC is in need of teachers. Check the website.

    We hired 33 teachers in our district alone this school year but as a rule Ohio is not in good shape.

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    Try Utah. A bizillion kids and schools everywhere. Check out the article on today's paper about the teacher shortage here.

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    St. Louis, MO

    many suburbs near the city, great local entertainment ( river port amphitheater... UMB) many teaching opportunities, warm summer, spring, fall, of course bitter cold winters, many opportunities just across the river in Illinois ( Alton, bethalto, wood river, Roxana, bunker hill...)

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    Raleigh is definitely intense on each body's list notwithstanding it is also quite kin orientated and the farthest you want to move. yet another city to contemplate is Richmond. that's an rising city also, is ranked very intense for jobs and pastime boom, is affordable for a city of that's length and has a youthful vibe. good success!

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    If you can tough it out, New York City is ALWAYS looking for good teachers, but it won't be an easy ride. But, you can't beat the cultural scene!

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    Bucharest, Romania.

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    I agree with bocoo_man, Western Michigan.

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