Mechanics of Materials - average normal stress?

Can someone help me with a Mechanics of Materials problem?

I need to find the average normal stress in four vertical links. It's hard to explain and I don't know how to put a cidagram on. But the system has one upward force (no horizontal force) at the end of one beam. There is another beam, parallel to the first, and the two beams are joined by four vertical links. Each link has an 8x36-mm uniform rectangular cross section and each of the four pins has a 16-mm diameter.

I assume I use sigma = P/A. But how do I find the force (P) in each link? And do I use the cross-sectional area of the link or the bolt? Please help!

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    If they are asking for the average normal stress in the link, then I would use the force in the link divided by the cross sectional area of the link and ignore the bolts. Finding P is probably one of the tasks they want you to do by using some of your Statics knowledge. You may have to sum forces and moments to determine the force in each link.

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