Can baby wipes be unhealthy for babies?

My mother-in-law doesn't wan't me to use baby wipes on my 4-month-old daughter because she says there are harmful chemicals used in them. Instead she wants me to use a warm wash cloth that I think will just smear any bacteria around. Is there any basis in her thinking?

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    Technically there is. But when you look everything up and check out the report, it says things like Vitamin E is dangerous. Some of the other items are hazardous if ingested. (Don't eat the baby wipe) And one of them is an allergen to a certain percentage of the population.

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    There are preservatives in the wipes that keep the wipes from wet rot. However they aren't detrimental, but some believe that it dries the skin too much and causes an increased amount of diaper rashes due to the chemicals. This is actually more a concern for newborns. 4 month old babies have a bit thicker skin. I liked using water/washclothes just because they had a better 'scraping' action and they are thicker and cheaper, and warmer too. But that was a personal choice. I also used cloth diapers and didn't have a diaper service. I don't see the need to fill up land with plastic packaged baby poo.

    But I digress, baby wipes won't harm your baby.

    Source(s): mother of 3 sons.
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    Tell your monster in law to back off! It's your baby and there's nothing harmful in baby wipes, they wouldn't be on the market if they were.

    Source(s): Mom of 2, 14 & 1
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    Come on, its just a baby wipe, it's not a rag soaked in turpentine or something. A warm rag doesn't have much cleaning power, I gaurentee you that. As long as your baby isn't eating the wipes after your done wiping her face with them, he/she should be perfectly fine.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have used Hypoallergenic Baby wipes on both of my brats and they turned out alright. But maybe using tap water is i am sure the baby wipes are better.

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    as long as they arent allergic to certian wipes your fine. my mom had five kids and used baby wipes on all of them and we all turned our healthy. dont believe that organic baby wipes nonsense. GIVE ME A BREAK. and ya your right about the spreading bacteria around idea.

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    As long as they have been around, if there were any real health risks to babies, do you think that this product would still be on the market? I think not. To preserve harmony in your family, you better listen to your mother-in-law.

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    Man, if my Wife and I had a dime for every time one of our parents told us how bad things we use are. You'd think the devil himself comes in a diaper bag. "Only use cloth diapers....", blah blah. Just keep an eye on your young one for rashes or allergic reactions. Most of them these days don't even have alchohol in them any more.

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    the scented kind can make rashes if that is the kind you are using

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