can someone give me a checklist?

i need a general checklist of things to take to college i'm so excited but yea a list if general things and then personal stuff that i should and shouldnt take


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    your own fridge. your own computer. food (caf food isn't all that great sometimes...). don't bring every item of clothing and pair of shoes you own. bring stuff to decorate the walls with so your room doesn't look like a prison cell (although it may feel that way sometimes!) Do you know your roommate(s)? Email/call them and maybe you can work out who brings the TV or the microwave or the phone or whatever, so you dont have three TVs and no DVD player.

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    Your school should have provided this type of list. Check thier website to see if there is one posted.

    A few items I can think of:

    Laundry soap and dryer sheets

    comfortable shoes (you will probably do a lot of walking on the first few weeks as you are learning your way around)

    a map of the campus

    Your course schedule

    TV and radio/cd player


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