Can i add a second "normal" car battery in the back with/and my audio System ??

I seen people with lowriders have this "special" types of extra batterys in the trunk, and i have seen people use things like the BATCAP 400 in the back . But is it possible to use a normal battery that u find in Sears for ur Amplifier and Subwoofers ??... i know u can run the amp cable to ur battery in the trunk , but i don't want to drain my battery. So i was just wondering could i just buy a second normal battery n place it in the back. WIll it work ?

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    "normal" no, Gel Cell yes. I'd try a Deep cycle gel cell first.

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    Heres what i have done for many customers, keep the original battery under the hood and run 2 gauge wires from both terminals to the trunk and connect to a gel battery (like an optima) or dry cell like a stinger or SVR. do not put a regular lead acid car battery in the trunk coz of the fumes and acid leaking risks! Also, install a circuit breaker on the positive 2 gauge wire under the hood. The amps should be close to ur alternator output. between 100 and 160 amps. Some ppl swear that solenoids should be installed after the alternator to distribute and charge bother batteries evenly, but i've seen more problems than its worth with solenoids going bad coz most are low amps.

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    Do NOT follow slacker34's advise as you'll be asking for a fire.

    You can use a second battery (as long as it's maintanence free) in the trunk as long as you put in a battery box and use a battery isolator. This will allow the amp to run off of the second battery leaving the primary battery for starting the engine. The secondary is also charged by the alternator as well.

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    just buy a capacitor the more power you use the more farads the capacitor should have. They are like big batteries that conncect to the battery and it helps the battery, it like back up energy. This will help out alot

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. But how would you charge it?

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    just wire that thing in parallel

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