O'Hare to St Charles?

I need to travel from O'Hare airport to St Charles, but on a Sunday night after my flight lands at 9pm. I don't really feel like an exhorbitant taxi fee, so at the moment I'm looking at this option:

- Subway from O'Hare to downtown

- Metratrail from Chicago to Geneva

- Taxi from Geneva station to my location.

Now, time isn't really an issue, so if it takes 4 hours that's fine. I see there's a train from Chicago to Geneva at around 11pm, which would mean I would get into Geneva pretty late.

So, my first question is could I find a taxi at that time in Geneva?

Second question, is there a better option?



In reference to the answer below - I agree that I should organise a taxi beforehand.

However I'm a little confused regarding your comment saying that taking the subway would be similar to a taxi, and that the trip in general would be a big expense regardless: on the CTA website it says that a trip from O'Hare to Ogilvie would be around $5.

From there to Geneva the train would be about $10 (max). im not sure about the taxi from geneva to st charles, but im thinking it wont be more than say, $20?

i heard frmo a friend that he paid $95 for a taxi from the airport to st charles, so i still think it's much cheaper - or am i wrong?

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    You may have figured out the best way already besides a car rental. I don't think the CTA ride will deliver you too close to the Northwestern station however. Less hassles would a cab ride.

    I found 1 cab Co in St Chas in my search.

    001 Choice Cab Inc.

    Phone number: +1 630 377-7067

    It's a local #. They would have a flat rate from ORD. Cheaper than a Chgo cab. You would have to call them when you arrive and wait for the cab to pick you up at a pre determined location. They are not allowed to hang around the airport. They have to be called for a pick up.

    5 cabs in Geneva:

    Classic Taxi (630) 697-6760

    001 Choice Cab (630) 232-4302

    AAA Ataxi (630) 232-2811

    Fox Cab Dispatch (630) 262-8822

    Checker LLC (630) 845-9090

    Source(s): Chgo suburbanite YAHOO SEARCH: taxi geneva illinois
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    I would take a limo or shuttle service from O'Hare to St. Charles. It shouldn't cost more than about $60, and it would be so much easier (and more fun!) than taking the train and a taxi. I've heard of people using Continental Airport Express, and they provide shuttles to many suburbs (including St. Charles). This option costs only about $50. Check it out and give them a call! I live in the area and in my experience, this has been the best option. I've never known anyone to take a train and then a taxi as well, although I'm sure it's possible. (I just think it would be a huge pain, plus I bet it would end up being more than $20)

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    Either way , you're gonna have to pay a hefty price to travel that day.

    By taking the subway downtown , you're could accrue a cost of taxi fare to Geneva (not an option, too much moola) .

    The Metra rail is a cheaper and better option, however, will you be in close proximity of your location ?

    Is there anyone you call call to pick you up from the Metra station ?

    If not , you might wanna consider having taxi info handy by the time you reach your destination.

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    I would take a taxi from O'Hare to the Metra station in Elmhurst. It's about 10 miles, at night it should be pretty quick. The Metra train will pick you up at 11:12pm and get you into Geneva at 11:47pm. I'd suggest waiting around at O'Hare until about 10:30pm and then catch the cab. It might be nicer to kill time there than at the train station.

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    There are taxi services that have flat rates. You can look into that or ask a friend to pick you up and buy them dinner or something.

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    take a limo. you can get a limo from about $50 and no hassles

    • This is the company which i last time took (St Charles Taxi Shuttle) Taxi from O Hare to St Charles IL Starting at very less Prices the website is http://stcharlesairporttaxi.website/ and the telephone number is 630-847-2286 and they are charging $45

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