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electropositive elements.?

Pls name some electopositive elements and some electronegetive elements. Pls..What are they really??

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    electropositive elements are the ones that take electrons in a chemical reaction eg. Na, Ca, Mg, Al, Li., ( mostly on the leftside of the Periodic Table)

    Electronegative elements are the ones that donate electrons in a chemical reaction eg O2, N2, F2, I2,. Mostly on the far right of the periodic table...

    i define it as this- electropositive are the ones that have positive oxidation number

    and electronegative as the ones that have negative oxidation number

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    Electropositivity is defined as the ability to accept electrons in a chemical reaction. The Group 1 and 2 elements (Alkali Metals and Alkaline-Earth metals, respectively) do this and so they are electropositive. The most electropositive element is Francium.

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    in the word electropositive,'electro' refers to the electrons of a particular element. In chemistry loss of electrons is associated with the gain of a positive charge hence electropositivity is the measure of how easily an element can lose electrons. Generally metals are highly electropositive while nonmetals are electronegative. Down the group electropositivity increases as the electron cloud in an atom becomes more diffused down the group. Electropositivity is also known as basicity as a lewis base is defined as an electrondonating species.

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    Electropositive elements r the elements which have tendancy to lose electrons.e.g.Na,K,Al,Mg Electronegative r those which have tendancy to attract the electrons of the bond.e.g.Cl,Br,I etc In the periodic table from left to right electropositivity decreases & electronegativity increases upto 7A group

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    electropositive elements like to give their electrons away and become positive ions like potassium and sodium.

    electronegative elements like to receive electron and become minus ions. like fluorine and chlorine.

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    electro negetive like to take electron to themself like .flour oxygen .nitrogen

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