Could Kerry have done a better job? Serious question...?

Honestly I don't think anybody could have done a better job. The terrorists’ have raised the stakes and are bent on destroying the US and our way of life. Sorry but I would rather eat a pistol before I would accept their Ideology/control.



Where did I assess that Bush is doing a great job? I just don't think anybody out there could have done a better job. Regardless the situation that we as a nation are facing is life changing. And it was the Jihadist's that brought it to our shore. Should we just let them pound us on our shores or should we go after them in their homes? What I do know is that we can never go back to our way of life after we pull out of Iraq. This Ideology that we are fighting is not going to just go away. Bin Laden wants us dead or under his influence/control. But then again I think this goes pass Osama. The movement he started has built up momentum. And we have to stop it. The terrorist's are not reasonable people. The only thing they understand and respect is the sword. I have been all over the Middle East and have seen their mentality towards reasoning with reasoning people up close and personal. It simply does not work. So a do we remain idle or do we bring the fight to them?

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    I dont think he could have to be honest. Although Bush has made decisions that many people do not like, at least he stuck by them or made the choice regardless of the popularity of the decision. Thats what a leader does.

    I did a reseach paper on John Kerry and found that a majority of platforms he had at the beggining of his campaign, slowly started to change. In some instances he completely flip-flop'd on an issue, well actually several issues. It was surprising because I did not expect to find so much crap on him. For instance, he claimed to support the military, but not the war.

    I found that several of his votes while he was in the senate were cutting military spending on research, equiptment, and even pay to soldiers. Some of the stuff he voted against was stuff that we now use, such as the unmanned drones, abrams tanks, f-18 jets, body armor for soldiers etc. That was the most surprising since he he was a vietnam vet, with a purple heart.

    Another one that surprised me was the platform he had on the minimum wage. He claimed that he would hire the minimum wage since the cost of living was going up. I found that he voted against a minimum wage increase over twenty times (no joke).

    If he had been voted into office, I think that Ketchup lady would have been running the country (heinz) just as Hillary had done with Bill.

    I wish i had my paper so I could site my sources, but take my work for it, i'm not one to lie.

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    The war in Iraq is out of control. The Bush administration is finally doing a decent job. I doubt Kerry would have ended the war. Other than that, there is little he could have done differently than Bush.

    Kerry wanted to eliminated the tax cuts for the top earners, which would put an awful lot of money back into government hands. I think the tax cuts aren't benefiting the economy, their just helping the rich.

    The biggest difference between a Bush administration and a Kerry administration would have been hurricane Katrina. Bush appointed that idiot Mike Brown. Kerry's man or woman at FEMA hopefully would have been a decent person. Hundreds would have lived.

    Also, the world won't hate America so much if Bush were not President.

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    Why bring Kerry into this mess now?

    It's Bush's idea to go into Iraq to steal their oil and shove his beliefs down their peoples throats not Kerry's or anyone Else.

    This can be credited to only one person, Bush and no one else.

    Bush is not doing a good for any one except for himself with his painful war in Iraq, he's the little boy who just has his own way or he has temper tantrums which is why the war started in the first place. Bush has never grown up and never will either because people like him suffer from serious mental illness disease and of course should never ever be allowed to make important decisions because they simply can't fathom what's real and what's just in their minds.

    Almost any one else would certainly have done a better job then Bush.

    He really needs to seek professional help and should have done so years ago and his parents should have seen to it too but that would have meant their baby wouldn't be in office now. I guess their theory is the hell with the world as long as sonny is in office.

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    I am sorry dude but you assessment that Bush is doing a great job by fighting terrorism is a far wrong as you can get all he did was give them a common enemy before they may have hated us and Israel and Britain etc. but at least they spent more time fighting each other now they have all joined forces in a common goal There are so many other covert ways we could have gone in and put a much bigger dent in terrorism. You want to really help in the fight against terrorism stop driving your car we are buying the bombs that will destroy us.

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    Watch his record. Kerry voted *for* the troops to go in... then turned around and voted *against* sending in the equipment they needed to do the job. Is that the kind of man we want as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces? Send them in with their pants down? No and no and no yet again. Bush has done the best he can, he's had to roll with alot of punches... maybe he's a bit punch drunk and making mistakes, maybe not... only time will tell.

    Former USN

    Navy Wife

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    I don't think Bush has done a good job and cannot comment on Kerry. Who knows what Kerry would have done?

    Bush and the Republican Congress are dragging their feet on one of the most important issues: border control. How many of these millions upon millions of illegals are terrorists?

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    I think someone who actually faced combat would have been a better choice as a leader in a time of war, bottom line. As things are now, I can think of few people who would'nt do better, even in Republican circles, I like Jeb Bush, I liked the old George Bush, I liked Ron Reagan, there are plenty of competent, real Republicans out there, unfortunately, Bush is not one of them, nor was he ever, he is a perfect example of incompetence and failure

  • You either "get serious" with the terrorists or they will blow you up. Look at what Hezbollah kept doing to Israel. They constantly attacked, murdered and kidnapped Israelis. You can't negotiate with these guys either. And, you can't ignore them.

    I'm not sure what Kerry would have done. No body knows except him I guess. He could have ignored them or fought them.

    Again, you can't really sit down with these guys over lunch at Spago's and negotiate some type of settlement. They just want to blow you, your family and your freedoms up. These are NOT nice guys.

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    Kerry might have had a chance if the Clinton's would have stopped pulling his strings.. No wonder the poor guy kept changing his mind, or maybe someone was changing it for him..

    Who knows?

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    Kerry should have won. Bush had his chance. Why do you think he's doing the right things? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

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