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What is your favourite Anne McCaffrey novel and why?

Hi folks I just wondered what is your favourite Anne McCaffrey novel and what was it that made it for you? She is only just the best author of fantasy novels in my opinion.


I also love the ship who sang. Helva also is mention in the crystal singer series because she also uses B&B ships in it too.

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    Of the DragonRiders of Pern series, "The White Dragon" was my favorite, with "The Dolphins of Pern" a very close second.

    I also like The Pegasus Stories and the Freedom's Landing Stories, but those series were not long enough for me to have a favorite book.

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    Ooooomg, you are so right. I like the Dragonrider series, especially after they find the computer-thing on the Southern Continent. It's been awhile since I read her stuff, so I'm a little sketchy on details. I do remember that I loved the MasterBard, and the little dragons. Lessa (the main female character in the first book, I think) was my favorite, especially when she decided to fight with the men in the air. I like McCaffery's "Catteni" series too - the one where the prisoners are dumped on a planet to settle it, and the main female lead falls in love with one of the aliens and they have all sorts of secret missions. I liked the Singer series too - where she sings to the rocks or something. And the Powers That Be...I guess I just love all of her stuff. Yep, I think that must be it. Great question - I have to reread her stuff now!!!


    I think I like her so much because she always has such exciting adventures to share. Oh! And the Acorna, she's written a lot, hasn't she? And Pegasus....

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    I loved a little-known book of hers called The Ship Who Sang. I read it once from a library and never found it again after I moved away. I think I'll order it from a bookstore and donate it to my local library so that others can enjoy it too.

    And the Pegasus series was really excellent. Pegasus Rising, Pegasus in Flight, they were wonderful. Simple, but wonderful.

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