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New York's "hole in the ground"?

A reporter from NY criticizes New Orleans' mayor for not being able to clean up a huge disaster in one year, while the WTC remains untouched after 5 years. When Nagin challenges the hypocrisy, why is that disrespectful?

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    Big difference here, almost a whole city compared to a square block of a city. I dont think hes being disrespectful, I have heard enough about 911 and the aftermath, all those widowed get millions, what do widows of New Orleans get, sh*t. It almost like New Orleans is getting picked on, i admit people should have left when they knew storm was coming but this would not have stopped the destruction of the city, its those idiot US Army Corp of Engineers that were responsible for the flooding in the first place. How much money went into 911 and what is the city of New Orleans getting, very sad.

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    New Orleans isn't going to be rebuilt as a permanent memorial… while the Towers spot is. The mayor of New Orleans can only be the mayor. He has nothing to do with wether or not people are rebuilding their homes. The mayor of NY does have a major say in what happens with the memorial. It is best not to say anything negative about the Twin Towers. It will almost always be "too soon" to joke about them for all New Yorkers.

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    Maybe it has something to do with the BILLIONS of dollars that was immediately poured into NYC (incidentally with a Republican mayor) while New Orleans many poor democrats are left stranded and ignored, even 12 months later. Politics aside, these are CITIZENS who pay taxes.

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    All of Lower Manhattan was evacuated and affected it took much less then a year to have everything open with only the one block that is clean and ready for building.

    In N.O. no one can take a garbage truck and pick the trash after a year. Ridiculous.

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    No hypocricy .. while the site of the World Trade Center has not been rebuilt it has been completely cleaned up with all hazardous materials and dangerous substances removed. To say that it is "untouched" is just as stupid as the comment Nagin made.

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    And it took 6-7 years to reopen a freeway that was destroyed by an Earthquake here in Calif. Nobody has much room to talk.

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    They did clean up the world trade center. I go through it everyday. They cleaned up everything. That's why it's a concrete hole instead of a mountain of rubble and corpses. Do you have any idea how much was removed from that site. It's practically unfathomable especially since they did it so quickly. Nearly immediatly practically every company with dump trucks and volunteered their services for the clean up efforts. Thousands of people transported all the wreckage really quickly.

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    It's easy for someone to run there mouth when the are not there to answer for it.

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    I like Nagin. He keeps it real. Like Dave Chappelle "REAL".

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