i moved in to a house and signed a 3 year lease, and my landlord refuses to fix anything with the house in my?

son's room/ play room, the celing is about to fall in, and i have complained a millon times to him about fixing it, i took pictures and even camcorded the problems that are in this house, i fear that one day it may fall on one of my boys or me. how can i get my landlord to let me out of my lease, i have had enough, i always pay my rent and keep his property clean and nice, somebody please help!!!!!!

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    Laws are different in every state, so it's hard to recommend a specific recourse, since you didn't mention what state you live in.

    Please try NOLO press Renters' Rights. I have recommended it to many clients with little money and they have had excellent results. They will provide you with thorough info on your situation. You can probably pick up a copy of it at your local bookstore or get it from the link below. Excellent job in documenting things. Continue to do so, and send him copies of items through certified mail.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    check your leasing contract with your landlord and see if he sees he wrote that he would fix, it is a binding contract. if not, go see a lawyer. if you have a contract, the only legal way of getting out of a contract is thru a lawyer.

    chck to see what laws are under affect for your city and state under the legislature of the state. there are rights under rental laws for all states.

    if you can not afford a lawyer (building lawyer) call an office anyways. the first consulation is usually free and if you still can not afford them , maybe they can give you some tips on what to do.

    you can also report your landlord to the state, under the renter protect laws, if a landlord refuses to fix any property, you are in your right to sned a complain to the state.

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    The best thing to do is to write a letter to your landlord and tell the problems u have, then say if u dont fix things or take off my rent and i will fix em myself, i will personally take u to court and get out of my lease.

    The word court will scare the landlord and u will get results fast.

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    If I were you I would try going to your local courthouse to the judicial branch I believe it is to small claims court because that is BS! You have the upperhand here because you are a good renter and it is your landlords problem to fix it. Small claims court shouldn't cost you much, it may even be free and hopefully help you either get it fixed or get out of the lease.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know where ur but in cali u can withhold rent until items or fix. Ck w/ the housing authories in ur area. Don't let anyhing happen to ur children.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can call the dept of housing or an house inspector depending where you live or even city hall

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    Talk to a property lawyer. Document everything and move.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can send them a letter certified. if this doesnt work look at my website I am sure you can find a lawyer to help you out




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