What is the difference between a highway and a freeway?

Are they the same thing and just have 2 names or do they have different definitions?

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    The true definition of freeway is a limited-access highway that has no tolls. It is "free" and is therefore a "freeway." A "highway" may or may not be limited access and it may or may not have tolls.

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    Difference Between Highway And Freeway

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    What is the difference between a highway and a freeway?

    Are they the same thing and just have 2 names or do they have different definitions?

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    As far as I've read about the highway system in the U.S. I've never heard of any highways ever where you were allowed to travel at 100 miles per hour. I understand there are some interstates in Montana that allow higher speeds. . Freeways are just another name for a multi-lane limited access road like any interstate highway. In urban areas they are often many lanes wider that of most parts of the interstate highway system which they are all actually a part of but in an urban setting. The word highway is usually used for all other types of roads that do not have limited access. I-10 for example begins in Jacksonville, Fla and ends in L.A. The multi-lane portion of it in L.A. is called a freeway.

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    A FREEWAY is a type of HIGHWAY. All FREEWAYS are highways (DIVIDED highways specifically). Think of HIGHWAY as an umbrella term for freeways, expressways, interstates, etc. Therefore not all HIGHWAYS are FREEWAYS.

    Highway—a general term for denoting a public way for purposes of vehicular travel, including the

    entire area within the right-of-way.

    Freeway—a divided highway with full control of access (meaning there's no pedestrians, horses, bikes, intersections, signals, cars yield from on-ramps, usually no tolls, etc.)

    Expressway—a divided highway with partial control of access (MAY include some of the previously mentioned and usually has tolls)

    Source: MUTCD

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    Highway is a term commonly used to designate major roads intended for travel by the public between important destinations, such as cities.

    A freeway is a type of highway that is designed for safer high-speed operation of motor vehicles through the elimination of at-grade intersections.

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    What Is A Freeway

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    A highway is a main, direct, public road. However, a freeway is a highway but with FULL ACCESS CONTROL

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    Freeway is where you can go 70 and above. Highway is only 55. You know, that's the only difference I know. There definitely different, I just can't explain it.

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    I would imagine that a freeway doesnt have toll booths.

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