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I am having a luau themed party for my birthday, does anyone have any ideas? Games, Food, ect. Thanks~

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    Hawaiian luau-themed fun!

    Here are some easy ideas for making your own custom invitations - as well as fun activities, decorations, delicious food ideas and links to recipes:

    Hawaiian Luau Party Invitations:

    Do-it-yourself invitations may include any kind of tropical clip art, or photos of a hula dancer, surfer, tropical flowers, a lei, a volcanoe, or a map of Hawaii.

    Inside, include party details in both English and Hawaiian.

    Be sure to ask guests to wear Hawaiian shirts!

    Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations:

    See if your local florist carries inexpensively-priced orchids (now available in most big flower markets), or inquire about tropical flowers such as Bird of Paradise, Hybiscus, Red Anthurium, or Red Ginger flowers.

    surf boards (borrow one from a surfer friend, or create one from inexpensive styrofoam board)

    palm fronds (Tip: you can also make your own palm trees by cutting out palm fronds from green construction paper, then gluing or taping them to cardboard tubes.)

    pineapples and coconuts

    Hawaiian Luau Party Games & Activities:

    Hula Hoop Contest

    Award prizes for the person who can hula the longest, and for the person who can successfully hula the most hoops! (Tip: make inexpensive hula skirts from green drawstring trash bags. Cut the bottom off, then make thin slits to create the hula grass skirt. The draw strings allows for one-size-fits-all.)

    Pineapple Bowling

    So silly it gives adults and kids the giggles as they bowl with coconuts to knock down pineapple "pins". Awards to the party-goer with the best aim!

    Limbo Contest

    How low can you go?

    The Big Kahuna

    The award goes to the party animal who arrives with the most outrageous Hawaiian shirt!

    Hawaiian Luau Party Favor Ideas:



    Sand buckets and shovels

    Blow-up beach balls

    Sun tan lotion

    Beach towels

    Hawaiian Luau Party Food Ideas & Recipes:

    goldfish crackers

    macadamia nuts

    fruit smoothies

    tropical punch

    pineapple upside-down cake

    volcano cake (Tip: easy bake a chocolate bundt cake from packaged mix, then carefully placing a small piece of dry ice in the middle hole for an instant "smokin' " volcano.)

    fresh fruit plate (pineapple chunks, papaya slices, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, bananas).

    ALOHA! has great online invitations! Check out my sources~~~~~>

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    Gotta Limbo! Lots of Pineapple laced foods too! How about roasting a pig in the ground? Sounds like a great time and don't forget to give everyone a lei as they arrive! Aloha!

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    Serve great food like BBQ'd chicken and pineapple kabobs, fresh fruit, and chilled peel n eat shrimp. Play calypso, steel drum/bob marley kind of music and give out a fun party favor! Check out Breezy Beach Wear for a fun party favor or for something cute for you to wear to your party!

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    Whatever you do - tell 1 person it's western theme party...

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    u could have some people bang on some bongo drums for entertainment

    Hawaiian decor

    a roasted pig with and apple in its mouth to eat

    bon fire

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    limbo,pineapple, fruit, fruit dip,put a little pool in your yard one of those blow up ones,buy fake birds and put them in places,gift bags,ballons (if they have them ballons that say surf's up),pin the arm on the crab (if they dont have it then pin the tail on the donkey works too),hawiann invitations,

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