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why do pearls melt in vinegar? (This is urgent, please answer)?

why do pearls melt in vinegar? This is urgent, please answer, I really need the answer for my report. Thanks in advance

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    A pearl is mostly calcium carbonate, which is susceptible to even a weak acid solution. The crystals of calcium carbonate are converted by acetic acid (vinegar) into calcium, which dissolves in the residual water, and carbonate that effervesces as bubbles of carbon dioxide, the formula for which is CaCO3 + CH3COOH --> Ca + H2O + CO2.

    This is all cleopatra's fault for drinking that pearl and vinegar concoction (called "magister") and sharing it with Marc Antony. A waste of a good pearl if you ask me...

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    Technically, they dissolve. Numerous Web sites of pearl resellers, include J.C. Penney, warn not expose pearls to vinegar. An abstract published on the Web site of the American Philological Association says “the observable disintegration... occurs when calcium carbonate, which is the primary component of pearls, neutralizes the acetic acid in vinegar.”

    “Melt” suggests a physical process in which a solid becomes a liquid, rather than a chemical process.

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    The acid of the vinegar melts the calcium of the pearls.

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    Putting a bit of vinegar on a genuine pearl will make it bubble. The nacre in pearls which is calcium carbonate, reacts to vinegar by producing bubbles.

    Fake pearls do not react to vinegar.

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    vinegar is one type of acid and pearls is calcium so pearls melt in vinegar.

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    Pearls are composed of calcium carbonate and this compound is soluble in acid...vinegar is acetic acid.

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    are you sure they do? Ive never heard that. Just google "pearls in vinegar" and see what it says. Im going to when Im done here.

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    u mean pearly jelly?

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